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Bully and LA Noire are coming to GTA+



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There are many subscription services available today, some with a higher value than others. In this way, Rockstar is trying to enter this market with GTA+, a platform that not only offers benefits to all users of Grand Theft Auto Online, but also allows you to enjoy classic titles from this company at no additional cost. Now, It was recently revealed that Bully and LA Noire They will be added to GTA+.

Through a statement, Rockstar has confirmed that Bully and LA Noire They will be available in GTA+ at some point this year. Unfortunately, it was not revealed exactly when these two titles will be available on the subscription service, but once they do, they will surely attract the attention of more than one person.

For the modest amount of $5.99 per month, all interested users can get a subscription to GTA+. This service not only offers all players Grand Theft Auto Online a number of benefits, such as money and additional experience, but also allows us to enjoy the company's classic titles on consoles and mobile devices.

At the moment, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is now available on Xbox PlayStation consoles, while GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Chinatown Wars They are available to all users of iOS and Android devices. And if that was not enough, Red Dead Redemption and its DLC, Undead Nightmareare now available through this service.

It will be interesting to see what GTA+ will offer when Grand Theft Auto 6 be available in the future. Remember, Bully and LA Noire They will arrive for free in GTA+ at some point in 2024. On related topics, this is what a remake of Bully in Unreal Engine 5. Likewise, everything seems to indicate that Bully 2 Yes it was in development.

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Editor's Note:

These are two great games that all Rockstar fans should play. The company is doing everything it can to make GTA+ worth it. Even for those who play Grand Theft Auto Onlinepaying $6 a month just for extra money sounds like a big expense, so it's nice to see them expanding in value.

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