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Bungie apologizes for Destiny 2




A few days ago The Final Shape arrived, the new expansion of Destiny 2 Considering that the focus of this content is to offer a conclusion to the extensive story that began in 2017, many players were interested in this DLC. However, they have faced a problem, since the servers did not function properly during this period.

Similar to what happened with Helldivers II, There were so many players interested in The Final Shapethat the servers got stuck, causing the HONEYDEW error to appear. Given these problems, Bungie has released a statement regretting this situation. This is what they commented:


“Hello everyone, if connection issues have prevented you from playing or enjoying The Final Shape today, we want to apologize. We are working hard to resolve each of these issues as quickly as possible, and many of this morning’s connection issues have now been resolved.

We designed The Final Shape to be an exciting and cathartic narrative adventure. We are deeply sorry if connection and instability issues are hindering that experience, and we promise to keep working until those issues are resolved.”

Fortunately, since its launch, The Final Shape It has solved many of the problems that arose during its first hours on the market. Although there are still a couple of drawbacks, nothing at the level of what was seen at its launch. On related topics, Destiny 3 It would already be in development. Similarly, Helldivers II beats Destiny 2 on Steam.

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Author’s Note:


These are fairly common problems, with clear solutions, which makes their appearance something that the developers clearly needed to take into account. It’s a shame that more than one’s experience was spoiled, but at least it seems like everything is working properly now.

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