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But the dream of becoming a professional gamer is hard



In South Korea, League of Legends is an integral part of the culture and firmly integrated into everyday life, including on television. A young LoL player was able to meet his idol Faker in a Korean television show in 2021. His dying father made this wish possible for him. Faker gave the boy a reality check. But 3 years later, the story now has a special ending. Because the boy goes to a professional LoL school.

What kind of meeting was that?

  • The show on TV was called “About Time”. The episode with Faker ran in 2021.
  • A father was seriously ill with cancer and bought a meeting for his son with his idol Faker, the legendary LoL player, for around €4,000. The biggest dream in the boy's life was to become a LoL professional.
  • Faker, usually cool, was touched by his father's story. But the living legend was tough on the budding pro himself.

The Life of Faker – That's why he's a living legend

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On a TV show, Faker is moved to tears

That's what the father said: There were heartbreaking scenes back then. The man said his son was currently in seventh grade and dreamed of becoming a LoL pro. He is his only child. He doesn't have much time left; he was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer, which can no longer be treated.

He has been undergoing treatment for two years and his son supported him during this difficult time when he was desperate. He was only able to hold on because he thought of his only son.

The father said he applied for the show so that his son could see his favorite player, Faker.

At the time, Faker was touched by the story and had to wipe away tears.

Faker first takes away all of the boy's illusions

That's what Faker said to the boy Faker chatted with the boy at the meeting (via YouTube). But he was worried: Because the boy was only a “Diamond” player back then, at that age he should actually have been a master, as Faker thought.

He warned him: Some would leave school early to become professionals, but would not make the jump from master to grandmaster. Dreams are good and beautiful. But the reality is harsh, many talented players fail on their way to becoming professionals, so you have to be honest and careful.

Faker warned the rather intimidated disciple that he had to set high goals if he wanted to become a professional player. He was better than many of his classmates back then, but not nearly good enough to become a professional because he only saw LoL as a hobby.

“It’s easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than to become a professional,” Faker said

Faker gave the boy a few tips along the way, even played a one-on-one against him, and at the end there were autographs.

The meeting was a mix of “reality check” and “I get to meet my idol” for the boy.

faker lol
Faker speaks to the young man's conscience.

The boy is preparing professionally for a career as a LoL professional

This is how the story continued: Now, 3 years later, there was a reunion with the boy from back then on South Korean breakfast television (via YouTube).

He has now joined a LoL academy and is training hard to become a LoL professional.

His coach confirms that he has what it takes to be a professional: He could make his debut with a professional LCK team in 2024 or 2025 if he continues to develop so well, they said.

However, he doesn't have a relaxed time at the LoL Academy: As one of the teachers there says, the students are expected to play LoL for 8 hours a day – even on weekdays. The students train hard under the supervision of former professionals and prepare for their careers.

But it is also emphasized that overall development is important in order to give them the necessary professionalism. Above all, you want to give the boys a good attitude.

How is the boy? The boy's most important contact now seems to be his mother, who supports him in his efforts to become a professional. There are a lot of professional players these days, says the mother. Therefore, she is okay with her son “just playing video games.”

The boy says to Faker: It is still his dream to become a professional and to see Faker again, but this time as a player himself. He only has one request for Faker: He has to keep playing a little longer until he's ready.

For him, Faker is still the biggest.

This is what lies behind it: The story that is touching so many LoL fans right now, and which many take as proof of what a fine guy Faker is, also shows how differently LoL is viewed in South Korea than e-sports here in Germany: That's where LoL is truly an integral part of the culture, with game shows, esports academies, breakfast television and personality stars.

Even a presenter said on breakfast television that after watching the report and looking at the LoL Academy, she realized how huge e-sports and gaming have become in South Korea.

Even for mothers, “My son will become a LoL pro” is a realistic career option.

Faker is now considered a national shrine in his home country. Since his victory at the Asian Games, he is even more revered in South Korea than before:

LoL: Faker (27) wins game of world stars, probably avoids early career end – didn't even have to do it himself

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