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Canceled PlayStation games confirmed



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Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that 900 employees of the PlayStation Studios they would be fired. Along with this, London Studio will close its doors. However, The bad news doesn't end here, as a number of unannounced projects have also been cancelled.

Through a message from Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, it has been revealed that, along with the layoff of 8% of the workforce and the closure of London Studio, a number of unannounced projects have been canceled. Although no specific names are offered, a report by Jason Schreier notes that one of these is a Twisted Metal game as a service. This is what Hulst commented on the matter:

“PlayStation Studios is committed to continually discovering ways to work together; collaborating and combining our efforts to ensure that we are able to create games that push the boundaries of gaming and deliver what you expect from us.

We analyze our studies and our portfolio, evaluate projects at various stages of development and decide that some of those projects will not move forward.

“I want to be clear that the decision to stop working on these projects is not a reflection of the talent or passion of the team members.”

Along with this, more information was shared about the studios affected by the layoffs. In the case of the United States, it has been mentioned that Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, as well as the technology, creativity and support teams, will reduce their workforce. For its part, in Europe is not only talking about the closure of London Studio, but Guerrilla and Firesprite will also suffer layoffs.

At the moment it is unknown how this will affect projects such as Marvel's Wolverine, as well as the Horizons MMO. However, an internal delay is likely being considered for these and more unannounced projects. We can only wait to see how the industry will react to these unexpected job changes. On related topics, you can learn more about the PlayStation Studios layoffs here. Likewise, PlayStation Portal is a success.

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Editor's Note:

The video game industry is growing in a directionless way. As productions increase in size and need more money, companies hire more and more people, to the point that organizational problems are created, and when negative results become known, it is the employees who end up being affected, and not the real ones responsible.

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