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Capcom and Nintendo consolidate themselves as references




Every time of adversity also represents opportunities for market participants and although the video game industry is going through dark clouds that have caused layoffs and cancellation of projects in various organizations, there are others that are going through their best moment.

Nintendo is in no hurry to unveil its new desktop console and took advantage of the MAR10 Day to show multiple news, among which the confirmation of the second part of the animated film by Super Mario Bros. In collaboration with Illumination Entertainmentwhose debut will be on April 3, 2026.


Likewise, the big N set a date for two of its upcoming releases on Nintendo Switch. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will debut in May of this year, while Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will do the same during July. Without a doubt, a great bet to have the first half of the year covered with a production first party per month.

In parallel, collaborations with the Danish company LEGO They don't seem to have an end and although the collection of Animal Crossingthree new sets of Super Mario and the most striking thing is that by 2025 there will be a range focused on Mario Kart. As if that were not enough, it has emerged that The legend of zelda You will also receive construction products this holiday season.


Another healthy Japanese company is Capcomwhose management leadership reported that will increase the wages both current collaborators and recent university graduates, making it one of the best places to foster new creative talents.

The corporate in question has long tablecloths, since the remake of Resident Evil 4 has managed to distribute more than seven million units and Street Fighter 6 has had an excellent reception both at a playable and commercial level, so the character Akuma will join the roster of fighters and there will be a crossover with the franchise monster hunter.


Nintendo and Capcom are clear examples of successful planning to make profitable video games, whether in the format AAA or one more cut casual, but they never lose their main focus. The reality is that this stage of prosperity is due not only to its successes in recent years, but also to the constant learning of failures in the past.


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