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Cheaper than the Dualsense Edge and now even on sale at Amazon



This pro controller can massively improve your gaming experiences. Grab it now quickly because the Amazon offer is limited.

The Victrix ProCon BFG wireless controller is like a second arm that gives you additional support. Thanks to its high-quality ergonomics and programmable buttons, you can particularly score in responsive games. Now save 19% and only pays €162.99 instead of €199.99.

Discover this Pro Controller on Amazon

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Is the Stealth Ultra the perfect controller for PC and Xbox? No, but he's damn close

by Benedikt Schlotmann

A dominant pro controller

You know that having the right controller or mouse is crucial to being more likely to win. There are technical devices on the market that deliver exceptional performance in combination with quick reactions. So if you're already good, this controller will make you even better.

It gives you a wireless connection, which is why you can play comfortably in front of your television or monitor. The flexible application options are particularly great, as it is suitable for the PlayStation4/5 and the PC.

This controller offers you precise control options and responsive buttons, which enable precise input. The ergonomic design also ensures a comfortable grip, which means you can play longer and better thanks to the handling.

Other features of the controller include programmable buttons, adjustable trigger stoppers and a custom lighting option. These functions allow you to customize the controller to your liking and thus create a tailored gaming experience.

The Victrix ProCon BFG not only offers you a first-class control experience, but also great audio quality. With low latency audio and EQ profiles you can enjoy an impressive sound experience, that immerses you in the middle of the action.

Discover this Pro Controller on Amazon

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