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Children who do not spend on Fortnite suffer from harassment




Something that cannot be denied is the fact that Fortnite It has become the video game of the moment, since no one has managed to take it down from its pedestal since its transformation into a free to play battle royale, which is updated seasonally so that it feels constantly fresh. And of course, within this there are payments that can be made with real money, either by purchasing the battle pass with characters included or some improvements that can help players improve their control style.

For their part, there are minors who do not have the possibility of making expenses of this type on the platform of their choice, and that leads us to a study that has been carried out in Norway, which establishes that these select players suffer from harassment and social pressure for being on par with fellow players who do make the payment. And according to the data collected, skins can have a strong impact, given that over time they can leave the store and never return or for many months.

Here what was mentioned:

Children may experience being called poor if they have not spent money on their character.

Something that also draws attention is the fact that among the people interviewed, there is now not much to talk about in the classrooms if it is not about these types of games, mentioning that there is nothing to talk about if not They make the expense of how they managed to evolve the characters. So some users do not accept others on their team if they do not invest in this hobby.

Another case is the situation of machismo within the business, since girls of 14 or more or less of that age are discredited for playing, having a negative reaction from those who are paired with them on the teams, and it is argued that when they lose they have It was for “a woman on the team”, but in case of winning “they carried because there are women.” A situation that is disappearing but that unfortunately is still present.

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Editor's note: These types of annoying situations do not stop, and now that communication over the internet is easier, it seems that things are only getting worse. There will be no way to make a change until the negative or superior thoughts among people disappear from the root.

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