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Cinemex apologizes for system error




The weekend finally arrived in movie theaters Inside Out 2, one of the most anticipated films of the year, and considering that its premiere coincided with Father’s Day, this was a very popular activity in recent days. However, It seems that this was the plan of more than one family, since the Cinemex system was affected.

Over the past few days, problems have been reported with the Cinemex application on mobile devices, which allows the public to buy tickets online and avoid waiting in lines. In this way, it was almost impossible to acquire tickets through this means, forcing more than one to return to the traditional format. After seeing all the reviews, The company issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused, and made it clear that this was the result of a failure in their systems.

As an alternative, Cinemex noted that it would be best to go directly to the box office and buy tickets. However, a number of problems have also arisen here, even if the company still does not accept it. Through social networks, Multiple users pointed out that it was impossible to pay with credit or debit cards at the box office, and only physical money was accepted as a result of another error with the servers.

At the moment it is unknown if these errors have been fixed. Everything seems to indicate that the premiere of Inside Out 2, accompanied by Father’s Day, It was a combination that ended up affecting Cinemex servers in a way that was not expected.. Everything is expected to return to normal these days, especially considering that a couple of days have already passed since the arrival of the Pixar film, and there is no longer another family holiday on the horizon.

However, many users have already lost faith in Cinemex, and some have made it clear that Cinépolis will now be their trusted cinema. On related topics, this is the first trailer for the new movie Watchmen. In the same way, the reactions of the tape arise The Crow.

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Author’s Note:

The opening weekend of a film has become an extremely important moment in determining the success of a film, and it is unfortunate that these types of problems currently occur that can affect the performance of a film.

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