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Claudia Sheinbaum promises free internet in Mexico|Atomix



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We are in the electoral season in Mexico, where a president will have to be elected for the country. Thus, it is not a surprise to hear that some candidates have begun to promise things that they probably will not deliver. This is the case of Claudia Sheinbaum who, if she takes the position that she longs for, has committed to establishing a satellite to bring free internet to all of Mexico.

Through a recent press conference, the MORENA candidate pointed out that one of her campaign promises is to bring free internet to all of Mexico through a satellite, similar to the work Starlink and ViaSat currently offer, but without users spending a single cent. This is what he said about it:

“We are already studying why we are going to put a Mexican satellite into orbit to make free internet a reality in our country.”

However, Sheinbaum did not share details about his plans. Fortunately, there is already a precedent for this. In 2017, ViaSat launched ViaSat-2, with which it has been able to bring internet to rural areas in Mexico. Although this is not free, It is an option that has tried to help fulfill the promise of bringing the internet to 100% of the country.

This satellite cost $624 million dollars, and required an investment of 40 months to design and build, with an estimated useful life of more than 15 years. This means that with the funds and time that we find in a six-year term, Claudia Sheinbaum's proposal could become a reality.. In this way, the candidate could fulfill the promise that the current government made at the time.

Let us remember that during his candidate period, Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised to offer internet throughout Mexico. To date, only 78.6% of the population has access to the internet. Along with this, when taking into account government figures, and we add the CFE-Altan network, as well as other operators such as GlobalSat, and even Starlink, Internet coverage in the country is 94.5%.

As always, this is just a campaign promise, so it's not a complete guarantee that this will happen, even if Claudia Sheinbaum manages to win the presidency. We can only wait and see what will happen with the internet in the country. On related topics, Telmex is going to incorporate symmetrical internet in Mexico. Likewise, the IFT and the CFE bring free internet to the country.

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Editor's Note:

Free internet is something that many long for, and although it seems that we are still far from this becoming a complete reality, these types of proposals are moving us little by little towards making this dream come true.

Via: López Dóriga

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