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Climate change has “saved” the Fallout series, but the second season will still have a new location



The first season of the Fallout series was a huge success. As the showrunners have now revealed, the successful completion of filming was mainly due to climate change.

How did the Fallout series fare? Amazon’s series adaptation of the video game of the same name by Bethesda was a huge success. Both critics and viewers celebrated the series as a successful adaptation, and it also convinced our MeinMMO author Christoph Waldboth.

It was only a matter of time before the second season was announced. That has now happened and the showrunners revealed a little about the show in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that they talked about how filming the first season was very risky, and how climate change helped to avoid potential problems.

The official trailer for the Fallout series on Amazon in German

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A blessing in disguise: there was no snow

What do the showrunners say? The first season of the series was filmed in New York State. Filming lasted a little more than half a year, from July 2022 to February 2023.

The wasteland in the series is particularly impressive due to its barren landscapes, which are often reminiscent of deserts. It is hot and dry, just like California, where the series is set. But it was filmed on the other side of the USA. That was risky, as the east coast and New York are famous for their icy cold winters and snow flurries.

As Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner now explain, there were no problems due to too much snow. On the contrary: climate change ensured that the filming locations were free of ice and snow even in winter.

“Yes, global warming saved us,” Robertson-Dworet concludes. That may have been a relief for the showrunners, but overall it is of course worrying that climate change is already causing such changes.

Apart from that, the second season will also have a new filming location.

Where should we film from now on? Production is moving from New York to California. This is primarily due to a $25 million tax credit that the California Film Commission is giving the series. This will help reduce production costs.

According to the showrunners, California is generally a better choice. Many of the staff live there and the climate is also better suited to Fallout. The first stage of filming will take place abroad, however – in Toronto, Canada.

How and whether the effects of climate change will influence the work this time remains to be seen. What is certain is that filming is set to begin in September 2024. There is no release date yet. Anyone hoping for a series in the universe of The Elder Scrolls after Fallout will have to be patient – because the Bethesda boss has bad news.

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