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Commercials arrive on Prime Video in Mexico



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Last year it was revealed that Amazon Prime Video had the intention of adding commercials to the series and movies that we found on its streaming service. Although at the time this was only confirmed for the United States, over time we have seen more regions join this trend. Now, Unfortunately, it's Mexico's turn.

Through an email that has been sent to users, it is confirmed that Starting April 11, 2024, commercials will be included in all the content we find. If you do not want to see advertising, then you will have to pay an additional $50 pesos. Unfortunately, at the moment it is unknown how often we will see commercials on this platform.

Let us remember that the inclusion of commercials has been a tactic that multiple streaming companies have implemented to not only charge for a much more expensive plan that does not have ads, combat the loss of income we saw after the end of the pandemic last year.

Unlike Netflix or other similar platforms, Amazon Prime Video has always been characterized by offering a single subscription plan with all the benefits already included. In this case, paying Prime continues to offer everything we are already used to, and The additional $50 pesos are just to avoid watching commercials.

This announcement comes at a key moment for the platformsince new episodes of the second season of Invincible They have started to arrive. Likewise, the new season of The Boys It will be available in the summer. As if that were not enough, films like The Zone of Interest and Anatomy of a Fallwhich won Oscars at this year's ceremony, will soon join this service.

Remember, the commercials will arrive on Amazon Prime Video starting April 11. On related topics, they accuse Amazon of using artificial intelligence in one of its films. Likewise, this is the new WhatsApp scam related to Amazon.

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Editor's Note:

While $50 pesos doesn't sound like a lot of money, it is still an inconvenience for people. For my part, I don't use Prime Video enough to pay this extra. Maybe when the new season of The Boys arrives, but at least not for the moment.

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