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Comparison of LEGO Horizon Adventures on Switch with PS5 |




During the celebration of Summer Game Festival A game that had already been leaked was shown, LEGO Horizon Adventureswhich puts the protagonist of the titles developed by Guerrilla Games in a cubic world where anything can happen. However, what caught the most attention were the confirmed platforms, given that it was confirmed to reach the PC and also the most surprising, nintendo switch.

After this confirmation, people have wondered how much graphical difference there will be between the portable and the large console version for PlayStation 5, more for the fact that the one for the previous generation of the same will not come out sony, and that can make players doubt. Doubt has led people to Youtube has to take the screenshots that were shared in the respective live shows, and thus put side by side how they look, with a result that can be quite satisfactory.

Here you can see it:

Of course, in nintendo switch You can notice a significant drop in resolution, even so it is admirable that a way was found to make it run on the device that seems to be falling a little behind in terms of technology, but that continues to play games as could be seen in the most recent company event. Of course, those looking for greater fidelity such as frames per second and other issues will surely go for the version of PlayStation 5.

Remember that LEGO Horizon Adventures is launched to PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. The release date is not yet defined.

Via: Youtube

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Author’s note: The truth is that it doesn’t look as bad as one might imagine, so you’ll have to think twice before making the purchase. The portability factor always gives an important type of boost.

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