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Computer company believes that soon “every PC will be an AI PC”



The company “Dell Technologies” produces a whole range of computer-related products. It has now been declared that in the future there will be AI in every computer. Even if you don't know yet that you want that.

Some PC providers say that AI is becoming increasingly important after cell phone manufacturers such as Google and Samsung announced that they wanted to equip their devices with AI

Dell said the industry is on the cusp of a major renewal cycle, and what customers really want is an AI PC, even if they don't know it yet. This was said in a conversation with The company “Dell Technologies” develops PCs, workstations, notebooks, storage systems, monitors, servers, printers as well as consumer electronics and smartphones.

Meghana Patwardhan, Dell representative for commercial PCs and software, explained that the immediate future will consist of two worlds – one with AI hardware and one without: “In the long term, every PC will be an AI PC.”

The company also explained that the AI ​​functions also promise energy efficiency and future security. Dell explained how much more efficient background blurring on video calls is when AI hardware is running than when it's not running.

Manufacturers believe that people are buying new computers because of the AI ​​hype

Why is this so interesting for manufacturers? Sales of computers and other devices have been falling continuously for years, and with it the profits of large companies are also shrinking. In 2023, the number of PCs shipped fell below the 250 million mark for the first time since 2006 (via The corona pandemic had slowed the slump, but the numbers are still falling.

Many manufacturers and companies are therefore pinning their hopes on the hype surrounding AI being reflected in sales figures: people would rather buy a new device straight away out of fear that they might not have a suitable device to run AI. Because their old hardware could no longer be supported and they are afraid that they will no longer be able to participate.

Among the many innovations for Windows 11, Microsoft also included increased system requirements for the new Windows. However, these are significantly higher than for earlier Windows versions, so older systems in particular can no longer receive updates. Microsoft has already integrated a number of AI features into Windows 11. Our colleagues at ComputerBild report this.

Some computer upgrades are currently becoming significantly more expensive. Hardware prices have been fluctuating for several months. But prices are expected to rise sharply in the future, especially for RAM. MeinMMO explains what's behind it and why you should upgrade quickly:

An upgrade for your gaming PC will soon be really expensive – you should buy it before the prices really rise

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