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Dear character was going to be in the Mario movie




It seems like a joke, but we are almost a year after the Super Mario movie was released, which was full of references that most fans liked, and that type of simple plot was what earned it not to have been nominated for The Oscar Awards. It goes without saying that seeing so many characters was a touch of nostalgia for fans, but many agree that it took someone very important to show more feminine power besides the princess. Peach.

They discovered an online portfolio of concept art and more for the film created by Illumination Studios, and contains works that closely resemble the footage that was left over, along with many other elements that did not make it into the final plot. This portfolio is literally full of concepts, designs and ideas that never saw the light of day and that includes some scenes in which none other than the princess of Sarasaland, Daisy.

Here you can see the concept arts:

With this they give us to understand, that Peach and daisy They were friends from school days but have since been separated in some way, removing that and leaving the lore in which the princess of the mushroom kingdom grew up only with the company of the little Toads. For its part, there is one more art in which we see that it is also helping in the final battle against Bowser, but for some reason it has been discarded to save surprises in the sequel, and everything indicates that it will be like this until 2026, which is its premiere. .

Here information about this character:

Princess Daisy is a fictional character from the Nintendo video game franchise, especially known for her role in the Mario game series. She made her first appearance in the game “Super Mario Land” for the Game Boy console in 1989. Daisy is known for being the princess of the Kingdom of Sarasaland, a place that Mario visits in his quest to rescue her from the villain Tatanga. .

Over the years, Daisy has appeared in numerous Mario games, as well as other Nintendo games such as the “Mario Kart” sports series and the “Mario Party” party game series. She is known for her energetic and cheerful personality, as well as her ability to compete in various sports and activities along with other characters from the Mario series.

Remember that Super Mario Bros. 2 The Movie premieres on April 3, 2026.

Via: Gonintendo

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Editor's note: Daisy was certainly missed, but it's better that they save us more characters for the sequel. If she and Wario participate in the next one, it will undoubtedly be a better film than the first, there is no doubt about that.

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