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Destiny 2: Get Khvostov – How to find the exotic assault rifle



The Khvostov was the first weapon you received in Destiny 1. With The Final Shape, you can now get the assault rifle again – in a special, exotic variant. We’ll show you how to get the exotic Khvostov here.

What is the Khvostov?

  • The Khvostov is an automatic rifle and the first weapon you receive in Destiny 1.
  • With The Final Shape, the Khvostov returns as a legendary and exotic weapon.
  • The rifle’s exotic perk causes every seventh shot fired by enemies it hits to ricochet.
  • However, the ricochet does not just bounce once, but bounces back and forth between several opponents.

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Step 1: Find Legendary Khvostov

How to get the Khvostov: To get the exotic Khvostov, you must first find the legendary version of the automatic rifle. Then you must collect all the Lost Encryption Bits on The Pale Heart and upgrade the legendary Khvostov to the exotic version.

Here again the individual steps on how to get the legendary Khvostov, in an overview:

  • Complete The Final Shape campaign
  • Collect all 15 Lost Encryption Bits
  • The first 9 “Lost Encryption Bits” can be found in the region chests in the Pale Heart of the Traveler:
    • 3 chests in “The Heel”
    • 3 chests in “The Blossom”
    • 3 chests in “The Dead End”
Destiny 2 Region Chest Pale Heart
The marker shows what the region chests look like on the map
  • Start the questline of “Micah-10” and play until the mission “Alone in the Dark” to unlock the cyst missions that will give you the remaining 6 “Lost Encryption Bits”.
  • Do the cyst missions
    • Winged Ace
    • Scorching light
    • Oppressive darkness
    • Moth-infested cave
    • Butcher
    • Sword Dance
  • If you have collected all 15 “Lost Encryption Bits”, you will receive a “Lost Encryption Code”
  • Travel to The Pale Heart and take the Lost Encryption Key to the location where you first found the Khvostov in a chest in Destiny 1.
    • Travel to the Dead End landing zone and head back to the wall. Follow the road until you find a locked region chest. There you will find the legendary Khvostov
    • Open the chest with the “Lost Encryption Code”

Step 2: Upgrade Legendary Khvostov to Exotic Khvostov

Next, you need to upgrade your legendary Khvostov to the exotic variant. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Collect 17 “Particles of Light”
  • You get the first 8 “Particles of Light” when you find the Traveler’s Visions in “The Pale Heart”
  • For the remaining 9 “Particles of Light” you must defeat the final bosses of the new Subversion activity.
    • There are three bosses per region
    • Each boss drops a “Particle of Light”
      • It is not certain whether the bosses spawn randomly or follow a specific rotation. However, it should help to defeat the bosses solo, as you will then encounter a new boss with each completion. We will add more detailed information as soon as we know more.
  • When you have all 17 “Particles of Light”, you will receive a “Particle of Original Light”
  • Travel to the location where the Speaker was in the original tower and place the Traveler’s visions in the pedestals there
  • Once you have placed all visions in the sockets, a golden chest will spawn in front of you
  • Open the chest and collect your exotic Khvostov

If you don’t know where to go for the individual steps to obtain the Khvostov, you can watch the video by YouTuber Datto. He navigates to the individual areas:

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The exotic Khvostov is certainly one of the most exciting weapons in Destiny 2 that came into play with The Final Shape, as it performs solidly in both add-clear and PvP.

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