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Destiny 2 is bringing back the 2 best exotic missions next Tuesday, with new loot



The free event in Destiny 2 “Into the Light” starts on Tuesday next week. Bungie has prepared three streams for the event and the latest one introduced two exotic missions that will return.

What are these exotic missions? Bungie conducted its final stream for the upcoming Into the Light event on April 2nd. In this, the developers have announced two iconic missions that can be visited again with the update:

  • “The Whisper” – Exotic mission on IO
  • “Zero Hour” – Exotic mission in the last city

The missions are iconic missions with exotic loot, secrets and jumping passages. Before Bungie put these missions in the content vault, Guardians tried many challenges to get their hands on exotic ships and catalysts. This should be possible again, but don't worry: the missions have been refreshed.

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Lots of changes and new loot

What has changed? The exotic missions should not only be interesting for newcomers. Veterans should also have fun, Bungie has made sure of that. The developers have adapted the missions by making minor changes to the maps.

Enemies were rolled through and the intensity was also adjusted. Locations of known secrets no longer apply as the developers have repositioned them. The bosses to fight will also feel fresh and have as yet unknown changes.

Last but not least, two new ships will be waiting for you as secret rewards and the exotic guns will also be unlocked as blueprints. You can explore everything, but don't forget the timers. Depending on which difficulty you choose, you will have to fight against time pressure.

What else will there be? The Crucible will also get three new maps before the DLC “The Final Shape”. The maps are the following copies:

  • A map of Europe
    • It is an abandoned research station where Eramis refuels her ketch
  • A map on Neomuna
    • It is a futuristic shopping mile on Neomuna
  • A map on the terraformed pyramid ship
    • It is a clean map on the pyramid ship that the traveler shot at

These maps are completely new and have not been recycled. So it remains to be seen how fresh the maps will actually feel when released.

What do you think of the content Bungie announced today? Are you satisfied or should Bungie have developed a new exotic mission? Let’s find out in the comments!

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