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Destroy tanks – This is how you destroy the huge vehicles



You've landed on a robot-infested planet and suddenly you're standing in front of a tank in Helldivers 2 and don't know how to destroy it? We'll show you ways to stomp this machinery into the ground.

Tanks are slow but very deadly machines that you can encounter on your journey in Helldivers 2. They are usually dropped off from landing ships and move slowly but accurately towards you. One careless moment and you'll be blown to pieces by their cannon. They are not easy to defeat, but we know their weak points.

We'll now show you how you can easily destroy a tank without being run over or blown away.

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Destroy tanks in Helldivers 2 – This is how you find them

This is how you find the tanks: The tanks in Helldivers 2 can only be found in the red robot sectors. To do this, use the world map and select an operation on a robot-infested planet.

Once you've landed, all you have to do is cause a stir. Tanks are considered “heavily armored enemies”, so you must have at least the “Medium” difficulty activated to be able to encounter them on missions.

This is what the tanks look like in Helldivers 2:

Helldivers 2 tank
Heavily armored vehicles

This is how you destroy the tanks: If you have caused a stir, landing ships will deliver one or two tanks. Now it's time to destroy it. To do this, use your automatic cannon or recoilless rifle to fire at the red glowing ventilation of the tank, which is located at the rear of the machine. A few hits on it and the tank blows up.

You should note the following: Tanks are much easier to defeat with your Hellpod. Use your vehicle to do this and land on one of the tanks. This then immediately flies into the air and you land on its remains with a cool stunt.

That was the most important information about the tanks. Which robots do you find most annoying? Let us find out in the comments!

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