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Details of the canceled Star Wars game are given




Not long ago, bad news was given in the world of video games, since personnel cuts were confirmed for EA, a fact that brought uncertainty to the people who work for the company, since it was not initially known which positions would be removed. However, this was not the only negative thing, since canceled games and the new rule that they no longer intend to work with external licenses to focus on their own IPs were named, and one of the cancellations was related to Star Wars.

It was a style shooter battlefrontonly with the difference that it was going to be focused on The Mandalorian, so it caught the attention of everyone who had the opportunity to see it and even try it. Within the comments they have praised this work that did not see the light of day. The strangest thing is that just when more information about it was leaking, it was the moment for the movement on the part of EAconfirming that it is no longer in the priorities, although Star Wars: Jedi It has been saved.

Here is a detailed description that the informants of Insider Gaming They have told the media:

First of all, the game began in 'the lair', the player's base of operations, which contained the ship, a map of the galaxy, upgrade station, armory and more. It is understood that this would be where the user would select which rewards they would like to pursue. Then, you could equip weapons, upgrade armor, and board the ship to land on the planet where the reward is located.

It would not be open world and instead offered a linear level experience, but with some larger open areas for the user to explore and find rewards. The combat was described as very fast due to the Mandalorian jetpack that allowed you to go vertically, as well as boost horizontally to reach high-range locations. It was said that there was a takedown feature, in which the character would throw punches, reminiscent of DOOM to finish off rivals.

There would be a large number of enemies, but above all the well-known Storm Troopers, although higher-ranking warriors were planned to be added, including people from the first order. To beat them, increasing weapon levels would lead us to change scope types and many more configurations. It was thought to reach only the new generation, that is, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Via: Insider Gaming

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Editor's note: It would have been an interesting project, but the world of shooters is quite crowded. Thank goodness that the Jedi saga has not been cancelled, I imagine that these games have done well, and therefore, they want to close what they started a few years ago.

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