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Developers explain whether you will lose the galactic war if players abandon their operations



The Helldivers 2 community has some objections to the fact that some players simply abandon operations after a certain point. This would play into the Automatons' offensive. The developers have commented on this.

The galactic campaign is currently running in Helldivers 2, in which players fight against the Automatons for planetary dominance.

But some players don't take the fight for democracy particularly seriously. Instead of playing an operation to the bitter end, they just do the kill missions to farm XP and then leave the mission.

The developers are now giving the all-clear

Does abandoning an operation affect the war? At first it was unclear whether such behavior would harm the Helldivers and help the Automatons in the galactic war.

On February 23, 2024, a community manager named Evil-Bosse made a statement. In it he said the concerns of “honest” players were justified and wrote:

Yes, if you give up halfway through (the operation), it counts as a loss for the Super-Earth.

Evil bosses, Community Manager via

However, Evil-Bosse's statement has now been corrected by another community manager named Misty. Accordingly, abandoning an operation has no effect on the interim status of the galactic war:

I can confirm that abandoning an operation does not increase the enemy's percentage, so people leaving operations do not have a negative impact on a planet.

Misty, community manager via

His colleague Evil-Bosse was simply wrong. “We all make mistakes,” Misty explained. Evil-Bosse also apologized on Reddit.

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Players show humor: “He is a bot agent spreading misinformation”

How do the players react? The community reacts to the post with the irony typical of the game:

  • “He is a bot agent spreading misinformation to sow discord among the Helldivers and distract and demoralize us from defending against the invasion of the cyborgs, er* Automatons,” warns Reddit user CantIgnoreMyGirth.
  • “The Department of Education wants you to report for an investigation as soon as possible,” requests Recon1392.
  • Randomname256478425 thanks for the information and would like further explanation: “Would it be possible to have a full breakdown of the mechanics behind the galactic war map at some point?”
  • “Why do some planets lose 10-15% of their progress in less than 8 hours?” asks Nytherion. A response from the developers is still pending.

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So can the farmers carry on? In principle yes. As it stands, this way of playing Helldivers 2 has no impact on the galactic campaign. You can exit operations early without giving your opponent any advantage. However, it's not particularly sporty behavior either.

You only help yourself, but not the idea of ​​democracy and freedom, which is very important in Helldivers 2. There are a few other ways to make yourself unpopular in the game.

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