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Developers of Helldivers 2 are committed to saving children because you did the same in the game



A few days ago, a new general order in Helldivers 2 presented players with a tough choice. Now the developers are showing how proud they are of their community and are donating to “Save the Children”.

What decision were the players faced with? A general order in Helldivers 2 recently presented players with a pretty nasty choice. They had to decide whether to save one of two planets.

  • An emergency signal was sent from a hospital for seriously ill children on the planet Vernen Wells. In order to save the children, the community had to liberate this planet.
  • An intercepted message revealed a large explosives cache on Marfark. Taking control of the planet would likely have provided the community with the crucial raw materials for the “MD-17 anti-tank mines.”

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Which planet was saved? Relatively early on, over 33,000 players made their way to Vernen Wells to help the sick children there. At the same time, however, only just over 3,000 players made their way to the planet Marfark.

Ultimately, the planet and the hospital were saved, even if the players were worried for a while about whether this was really the right decision.

How do the developers react? Regardless of how the decision affects the course of the story and the development of the universe in-game, the community has already achieved something very positive in real life.

In a post on, Johan Pilestedt, creative director of Helldivers 2, wrote: “Since the Helldivers 2 community decided to save the children, Arrowhead is doing the same. We’ve donated to, well, Save the Children. Great job, Divers!”

Arrowhead donates over $4,000 to real-life children

Under the appreciative post on, Pilestedt then shared a picture of the aid organization “Save the Children,” which thanked him for the donation of USD 4,311.00.

Afterwards, some players followed the developers’ example and shared on that they too were doing their part and had donated to Save the Children. Pilestedt thanked them for this support and said: “Just think of what a difference we can make at 12M+ (…).”

However, one user wonders under the post what would have happened if the community had chosen the mines. Pilestedt responds to this question and answers: “You don’t want to know…” How Arrowhead would have really reacted is up to your imagination. By the way, Helldivers 2 recently received a new update: Helldivers 2 finally shows you the information in the game that can decide between victory and defeat

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