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Development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been completed!



FFVII Rebirth

2024 is starting with a force that we did not expect. The number of releases that January had was truly overwhelming and above all, very surprising because of the quality that some of them had. If you thought that things were going to relax in February and that your wallet was going to have a break, we have bad news for you, because among all the launches that will take place in said period, undoubtedly the one of Final Fantasy VII Rebirtha game that, of course, won the award for most anticipated of 2024 at The Game Awards and which has finally completed its development process to be able to come out in a timely manner without any kind of risk of being delayed.

During our participation in the previous event of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth where Of course, we spent several hours testing the game, we had the great opportunity to chat face to face with Naoki Hamaguchi, director of the entire project who precisely revealed to us that the game has been completed in its entirety and that it will be ready to reach our hands on the agreed date, this to clear up any doubts or rumors that the title would be suffering from a delay last minute.

“The development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been completed. I can promise all fans that the game will be launching without any delay this February 29th. Furthermore, I can assure you that we are facing a markedly improved experience than what was Final Fantasy VII Remake a few years ago thanks to things like freedom of exploration and that everyone can play the way they want.”, assured the director of the next great exclusive of PS5.

Even though the wait for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It was intense, square enix It is complying with a fairly normal development cycle for what an AAA is today, even more so if you consider the ambition and scope of this specific title. It's worth mentioning that the version we tested, despite being preliminary, felt markedly polished and ready to hit the market, so I would tell you that it is a finished product and that it went through a tough quality control process. I would hope to have something on the level of what we saw with the premiere of final fantasy XVYoFor example.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be launching this February 29 exclusively for the PS5.

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