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Diablo 4 brings new wave mode that promises tough fights and great rewards



Blizzard has announced a new mode for Season 5 in Diablo 4: In “Infernal Hordes” you can defeat waves of enemies and even choose your reward at the end. Bosses from Diablo 2 are also waiting for you.

What is this new mode? The fifth season of Diablo 4 will bring a “Rogue-Lite” Horde mode in two weeks.

  • With the item “Infernal Compass”, which can be obtained from endgame bosses and in Nightmare Dungeons, among other places, you can fight against waves of enemies in a separate realm, the “Realm of Hatred”.
  • The enemies drop the resource “Burning Aether”. With this resource you can go shopping at the end and get materials, gold and armor.
  • Between waves, you can give yourself a handicap with a “Boons & Banes” system and collect even more “Burning Aether”. Hell offers you three options for changing your game. This allows ambitious players to make the wave mode more challenging. In the stream, for example, you could see that you can rain down “Hellfire” on yourself as a handicap, for one to three more Aether per round.

Trailer for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred gives insight into the story of the expansion

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Mode comes in 8 tiers

This is what we know about the compass: The “Infernal Compass” comes in 8 levels, they scale with difficulty and world tier.

The higher the level of the compass, the more waves you have to overcome in Diablo 4.

An offer from hell to make the run even harder.

90-second waves and a boss fight against 3 opponents

This is what we know about the waves: The waves last 90 seconds and become increasingly difficult.

The last wave consists of 3 bosses that are randomly selected from a pool of 5 members of the “Fell Council”; these are the final bosses of the season. The bosses become stronger the less health they have left.

The randomly selected bosses are part of the “Roguelite” system, which is intended to ensure that there are random elements that make each run varied.

Bosses are known from Diablo 2

Who are the bosses? The “Fell Council” consists of council members from Diablo 2 who were revived by Mephisto. There, they were a special type of monster with their own bonuses. They used to be warriors and members of the “High Council of Zakarum” who were supposed to guard Mephisto, but were corrupted by him and turned into demons. The cover picture shows a member of the council.

In Diablo 2 there were 7 of these members (via fandom).

  • Ismail Vilehand (Cursed)
  • Geleb Flamefinger (Fire Enchanted)
  • Toorc Icefist (Cold Enchanted)
  • Wyand Voidbringer (Teleportation)
  • Maffer Dragonhand (Extra Strong)
  • Bremm Sparkfist (Lightning Enchanted)
  • Bartuc the Bloody

You can watch the corresponding segment in the stream here:

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When will the new mode be available? The mode officially starts with Season 5 in Diablo 4. The season begins on August 6th and lasts until October 8th, ending with the release of Vessel of Harted and Season 6 begins.

Next week you can test the mode on the PTR: Diablo 4: With Patch 1.5.0 many of you can test Season 5 in a few days – Patch Notes

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