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Diablo 4 can bring back the worst enemies in history with Vessel of Hatred and make fans say: Yes, please!



With Vessel of Hatred, Blizzard is bringing a new area to Diablo 4, the jungle of Nahantu. This area around Kurast is similar to the area you travel through in Diablo 2 Act 3. Players are now wondering whether Blizzard is bringing back some of the most hated enemies from Diablo – and would even be happy about it.

What kind of opponents are these?

That’s why the dolls are so mean: The enemies are among the worst because they appear in huge groups and explode when they die. They are the nemesis of many players and are responsible for the deaths of many hardcore characters.

In the community, they are sometimes considered tougher opponents than the bosses Baal and Diablo themselves, for several reasons:

  • They are faster than other opponents and usually faster than the player.
  • Because of their small size, it is difficult to hit them with targeted attacks.
  • The dolls explode when they die, which means that close combatants can hardly fight them without danger.

In the past, mercenaries were a popular way to deal with the puppets – a feature that is returning with Vessel of Hatred. With the expansion, Blizzard would have the chance to re-introduce this enemy type and bring it into the game in a coherent way.

For some, this would be a sadistic plan. Others – and actually quite a lot of players – would celebrate it.

Blizzard recently released the intro cinematic for Vessel of Hatred. It’s going to be nasty:

Trailer for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred gives insight into the story of the expansion

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“I love these little shits!”

Since the announcement of the release date of Vessel of Hatred and the brief introduction of the new Spiritborn class, many fans have been talking about the upcoming content on social media.

The fetishes in particular have already been the subject of several threads on Reddit. In one of these threads, the creator says: “Please, Blizzard, bring these little shits into the expansion!” (via Reddit) He presents various versions of the beasts:

  • the Stygian dolls described above
  • various “normal” fetishes with knives and blowpipes
  • Fetish shamans who can breathe fire and revive their colleagues

The enemies that were actually so hated seem to have remained fondly remembered, especially by veterans. There are a number of players who would be happy to see the Stygian dolls and other fetishes again in Vessel of Hatred. The jungle itself was worse anyway, as it was already designed as a labyrinth with barely visible exits.

Other users are already expressing their fear that fetishes might come back if it really does happen. Comments like: “Okay, calm down, Satan,” or “I didn’t know Mephisto had a Reddit account.”

The fetishes and especially the Stygian dolls have given many players nightmares. However, you should be cautious about what you want to see in Diablo 4. Blizzard has recently fulfilled a number of wishes: The new patch brings companions, and exactly the way fans have wanted them since the release

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