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Diablo 4 is tweaking the items with Season 4 – players break down what gets better and what doesn't



Blizzard is planning big changes to Diablo 4's item system. Everything should be better after itemization became one of the biggest points of criticism. Players are already trying to analyze the update – and are getting a little lost.

What's the problem with the items?

  • Items in Diablo 4 can have over 200 properties and many of them are not really needed by you or other classes for anything.
  • Nevertheless, you find the items and have to compare them for several minutes to determine that the stuff should end up at the dealer. Experts call for a loot filter for exactly this kind of thing.
  • The sheer mass of items and affixes means that many games simply lose track or don't know which of their items is really better. The complaints have been going on for months.

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“Why does the game insist on being so boring?” – Items frustrate players in Diablo 4


by Nicole Wakulczyk

What should change? As early as November 2023, Blizzard said that itemization would improve with Season 4. Since then, this has been a ray of hope for many Diablo 4 fans who prefer to spend their time in Last Epoch at the moment.

The specific plans have not yet been published, but some experts have reportedly already been consulted on the topic. From the occasional news story surrounding the changes, a user on Reddit has created a list of things that will likely be improved by the adjustments:

  • The sheer amount of affixes is reduced – especially those with prerequisites are eliminated.
  • Some kind of crafting system could be coming.
  • Overall, fewer items should drop, similar to Diablo 2.

On the other hand, no one should expect that Diablo 4 will be a new game or that it will suddenly receive a loot filter. Aspects will also not end up in the code.

From the information currently available, the points seem quite valid, although nothing indicates the amount of loot that will drop after the update. However, the topic itself heats up people's minds.

At BlizzCon we already spoke to the bosses about the future of the game:


BlizzCon 2023: Diablo 4 bosses talk to us about the game's development and future


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Arguments about the changes before they even arrive

In a thread with 500 comments, a Reddit user writes his concerns about the upcoming changes. His argument is: Every streamer who has already seen the update sees no future for Diablo 4.

Others warn that Blizzard really has to do everything right now in order not to disappear into insignificance. The fact that the promised test server is not there yet is a bad sign.


However, the response to these concerns is receiving strong headwinds. For example, one user clarifies:

Why do you care what (streamers) think? They stream to make money and they go where the money takes them. All that should matter is whether you enjoy the game or not. And if not (…) then move on. It's literally just a game.

It's sad to see so many people who would rather rely entirely on the opinions of others than decide for themselves. Another user agrees: The expectations that streamers have of a game because of their job simply do not apply to the standard player.


Other fans make it clear that the reactions of many streamers are not negative at all. Some of the stars would also rely on Last Epoch, but wouldn't necessarily see any hope for Diablo 4. Many players are simply looking forward to what's to come.

We'll see exactly how the changes will ultimately impact with Season 4 or in advance with the PTR. Community boss Adam Fletcher has already confirmed that the changes will come right at the start of the season, not later. You can find all information about Season 4 in Diablo 4 in our hub.

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