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Diablo 4 opens the PTR today, lets you test the most important features from Season 4 – here's how to take part



Diablo 4 PTR startet heute titel

Starting today, Blizzard is letting you play Diablo 4 on the public test realm for the first time. There you can try out what makes Season 4 so popular: the new itemization. However, you can only take part on the PC.

What features are coming to the PTR?

  • The most important feature on the PTR is the new Season 4 item system with improved affixes, crafting and guaranteed 925 loot from level 95.
  • You will also be able to test a revised Hellflood, a kind of “Greater Rift” from Diablo 3 and Andariel as a new boss. There are also a number of class adjustments.
  • However, the actual topic for Season 4 will not be active, only the already known features. You can find the complete patch notes for the PTR patch here.

This is how you take part: To play the PTR you need access to Diablo 4 on PC. PS5 and Xbox cannot currently take part in the test. Download the client and do the following:

  • Open the app and navigate to Diablo 4.
  • Select the “Public Test Realm” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Install” or “Play.”
  • Choose any test server and create a new character.

If you have already completed the campaign with a character, explored the map and found all Lilith statues, the corresponding progress will be transferred to the PTR.

There is also an NPC in Kyovashad where you can boost a new character to level 100. You will receive the necessary equipment and materials so that you can test the endgame features directly.

You can leave feedback in the PTR forum. There you will also find a list of known errors if you encounter any. Community Manager Adam Fletcher has on X already warned that the PTR version is not as “polished” as the live version of Diablo 4.

Most recently, a sought-after feature came into play with the leaderboards:

Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there

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Blizzard is testing Season 4 more extensively before release

The test phase runs from today, Tuesday, April 2nd, to Tuesday, April 9th, i.e. exactly one week. The server is scheduled to go live around 8:00 p.m. German time.

The release of the upcoming Season 4 was postponed for the test. April 16th was actually planned as the start date, but now Season 4 won't come until May 14th.

Blizzard wants to test the new features properly, not only via the PTR, but also internally, so that the new season is really as good as everyone hopes.

For many fans who have been disappointed with Diablo 4, Season 4 is seen as the great salvation – but also as the last chance. According to the current assessment of most experts and the community, what the new itemization will bring will actually be extremely good.

Whether Diablo 4 is actually as “dead” as some critics claim remains to be seen. In the recent competition with Last Epoch, Diablo 4 lost some players for a short time, but many have since returned: Some players are now returning to Diablo 4 after hundreds of hours in Last Epoch: That's what they say

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