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Diablo 4: Players score points on the leaderboard with exploits – Blizzard reacts, says: They're all thrown out



In Diablo 4, leaderboards moved in and players soon used an exploit to advance their points in the Gauntlet. Blizzard has now found a solution to combat this.

The leaderboards are the rankings in Diablo 4 on which players can compete with each other. They came into the game on March 5th with patch 1.3.3 and after less than a week, players found an exploit to unfairly boost point collection.

What kind of exploit was that? We won't describe it in detail, but there is a way to gain an unfair advantage. As a result, you quickly had all the enemies in the dungeon on you and also received big buffs – as Diablo expert Rob 2628 found out.

On Reddit, the community discussed the unfair strategy in a post on March 10th. Blizzard is not known for its mercy when it comes to exploiting bugs: Today, March 12th, community manager Adam Fletcher responded to the post with a comment. Apparently the team has already planned a fix.

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Anyone who cheats will not appear on the leaderboard

What does the developer write? Diablo 4 community manager Adam Fletcher writes in his comment under the post that the team has found a solution to the exploit. He notes that “anyone using this method to generate a score will not appear in the rankings in any way.”

It remains to be seen when the hotfix will be rolled out and to what extent the rankings will be influenced and corrected as a result. Tonight the leaderboards will be reset and the new challenge starts at 7:15 p.m. with a “fresh” dungeon.

What does the community say about this? Adam Fletcher's comment has garnered 9 upvotes so far. One user replies: “This is great news. Thanks for the update.” Another user uses the comment and calls for an improvement. He writes that it's a “no-go” for top players to set their profiles to private, as if they were using secret gear in the Gauntlet.

He notes that setting your profile to public should be a requirement for participating in the Gauntlet because “there is absolutely no reason to hide your profile unless you really have something to hide that abuses game mechanics. “

In the exam dungeon, strategy is particularly important because you only have 8 minutes to collect points. There are no loot drops like in other dungeons, so you can concentrate entirely on chopping up monsters.

You can find out how the “Gauntlet” (challenge, or test) generally works and how you can secure a place on the leaderboard here: Diablo 4: Everything about the tests – This is how you find the dungeon and end up on the leaderboard

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