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Disneyland employee dies tragically




Accidents are always very common, even in areas that are said to be the safest on earth, and Disneyland is not saved from this, because over the years it has been reported that attendees of the parks of the “Happiest Place on Earth” have had accidents that involve their integrity, and sometimes they do not return to their homes happily. after the day in the park. This has happened recently, but now with a person who worked directly for this company that owns the name Mickey Mouse.

At the beginning of this month of June 2024, the death of Bonnye Mavis Lear, a 60-year-old worker, who was in the Club 33, where the very popular Golf carts are usually used, in fact the incident had to do with one of them. According to what has been said, the woman suffered a very strong blow that immediately took her to the hospital, unfortunately a few days later it was confirmed that the woman’s life had already ended.


This is what he mentioned Ken Potrock, President of Disneyland Resort:

We are heartbroken by the loss of Bonnye and offer our sincere condolences to all who knew her. At this time, we are focused on supporting her family and our team members during this tragic event, and ensuring they have the necessary resources.

Here is the description of the park:


Disneyland Resort is an entertainment and vacation complex located in Anaheim, California, United States. Opened on July 17, 1955, it is the first theme park built by The Walt Disney Company and the only one that was designed and supervised directly by Walt Disney. Over the years, the resort has grown and diversified, offering a wide range of attractions, entertainment and accommodations.

It is an iconic destination that has influenced the entertainment and theme park industries around the world. It is known for its attention to detail, high-quality customer service, and ability to deliver magical experiences for visitors of all ages. The resort remains a popular destination for families and Disney fans alike, attracting millions of visitors each year.

For now, disney is invested in knowing what happened, given that it happened within his park.

Via: Variety


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Author’s note: It is definitely very sad that this happens, especially with the employees themselves, and they are supposed to be in a safe place, but accidents are always unpredictable.


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