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Dragon Ball Evolution actor apologizes



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dragon ball is a property that has stayed away from live action adaptations after the failure of Dragon Ball Evolution. What many expected would be a new territory to conquer ended up being one of the biggest shames we have ever seen. Thus, The lead actor has apologized.

In an Instagram story, Justin Chatwin, who played Goku in Dragon Ball Evolution, mourned the death of Akira Toriyama on March 1, 2024 and, along with this message, he apologized for the poor work that was done in the live action adaptation. This is what he commented:


“Rest in peace brother. I feel like we messed up so much with the adaptation.”

Over the years, Dragon Ball Evolution It has become the worst film adaptation of an anime, and to this day has kept Toei Animation away from this type of film work. However, everyone involved is aware of the poor job they did, and at no time have they tried to ignore the facts.

In related topics, assistant reveals that Akira Toriyama's health was already in decline. Likewise, this is what will happen with Dragon Ball after the death of its author.


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Editor's Note:

It's sad that many learned about Dragon Ball through this movie. However, it is good to see that those involved manage to recognize their mistakes, and are able to be proud of having been part of the legacy of this work, even if it is a chapter that many want to forget.


Via: Justin Chatwin


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