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Dragon Ball Super offers one of the most anticipated fights |




Today dragon ball remains a franchise that does not lose any popularity, given that they continue to release high quality products such as new movies, television series like the next one Daima and let's also not forget that the game of SparkingZero! is on the way. Obviously, the manga Super continues in circulation with weekly chapters, where the plot finally took its original path after having adapted the arc of the film super hero which was launched almost two years ago.

At this moment the saga is one of transition, discovering that Gohan He can now master his new beast mode transformation, which he used to save his daughter from the Red Patrol, using his great power to kill the villain on duty, Cell Max, which got out of control in said facilities. The Ki that he generated was so great, that it caught the attention of Goku and so the latter used his teleportation to get to that place, discovering that it was none other than his son who was responsible for this energy.

That brings us to last week's new manga volume, in which Goku asks his son for a training match to see how powerful this new phase tab is, having one on one sparring with him. Ultra Instinct and Beast Mode. Which has made the fans totally excited, given that sometimes Gohan The spotlight had been removed from him for quite some time, taking a back seat in the saga of booand we saw that when Vegeta and the Earth Saiyan went through a lot of trouble to eliminate him.

Here is a description of the character:

Gohan is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball universe, created by Akira Toriyama. He is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and is first introduced in the series as a young child during the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

Throughout the series, Gohan undergoes significant character development. Despite being a shy and reserved child at first, Gohan shows incredible combat potential due to his Saiyan lineage. As the series progresses, Gohan is trained by Piccolo and then his father Goku, as well as other powerful warriors such as Vegeta and Future Trunks.

Remember that the fight Goku and Gohan It's not over yet, so we'll have to continue the manga.

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Editor's note: It was time for Gohan to be restored to glory, after all we hadn't seen him shine since his confrontation against Cell. So seeing him fight with Goku means a lot, and now we will see who gets to be the most powerful.

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