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Dragon's Dogma 2 suffers review bombing on PC



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After almost 12 years, Dragon's Dogma 2 It is now available on consoles and PC. While the game had a great reception from critics, calling it one of the best titles of 2024, fans have not reacted positively to Capcom's most recent work, and it's all due to the microtransactions. Thus, The sequel is currently suffering from review bombing on Steam.

Since yesterday, PC gamers have had the opportunity to enjoy Dragon's Dogma 2. Although many are happy with the Action RPG that Capcom presents to us, Others have expressed their displeasure with the microtransactions included in the game, which is priced at $70.. The worst of all is that here we find a series of items that, although they can be obtained throughout the adventure, are very rare.

Among the items that we can buy with real money we find Rift crystals used to hire other players' pawns, tomes of metamorphosis art necessary to change the appearance of your character, Wakestone to revive, Portcrystal to do fast travel, keys single use to escape from prison cells, incenses to edit a pawn's tilt, decoys for monsters, and even special camping equipment that weighs less than normal.

We can get all this between one and five dollars, or between $20 and $100 pesos, on Steam. In this regard, fans have reacted negatively. Currently, only 40% of reviews are positive, giving a mixed result in the review section. This is what the public has commented about it:

“Then after pre-purchasing the Deluxe Edition, I went to install it today and saw an entire page dedicated to its microtransactions in the store. How do you have the nerve to put any kind of microtransactions in a SINGLE PLAYER game that is already full price?”

“Great game maintained by disgusting microtransactions.”

“Hello Capcom.

You can purchase 'Good Review DLC' for $1.99.”

Although microtransactions are an element that was already present during the review period, this was not information shared on a large scale. However, many have defended the game by pointing out that, at the end of the day, These items are not necessary to finish the adventure, and are simply optional help. We remind you that Dragon's Dogma 2 It is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. On related topics, you can see more gameplay of this title here.

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Editor's Note:

Capcom has had a complicated history with DLC, and while it is true that all this content is completely optional and does not offer anything that we do not find in the base game, it is still a practice that is not liked by players, since it does not It was something that had been revealed previously.

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