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DrDisrespect responds to Twitch employee’s allegations about why he was really banned from Twitch



It has been four years since DrDisrespect was banned from Twitch and it is still unclear what the real reason for the ban was. A former Twitch employee has made serious allegations against the streamer on X: DrDisrespect was allegedly banned for sending lewd messages to a minor. DrDisrespect has already responded to the reports on this.

What happened? In 2020, the big streamer DrDisrespect was permanently banned from Twitch. The strange thing about the situation was that the reasons for the ban were never discussed. Shortly before the ban, DrDisrespect had signed an exclusive contract with Twitch.


In April of this year, 2024, he talked about his ban and explained how much he had lost. He talks about a failed deal with Nike. Although DrDisrespect and Amazon reached a legal agreement about the ban, there was no public discussion about what exactly happened. According to DrDisrespect, both sides had agreed not to admit any wrongdoing.

Cody Conners, a former Twitch employee, has now spoken out on the subject on X and made serious allegations against the streamer.


DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – his ban remains a big secret to this day


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These are the allegations: On X, Cody Conners speaks out on the subject, apparently without cause, and explains why DrDisrespect was banned. He accuses him of being caught sending sex messages to a minor.

He further states that the streamer allegedly wanted to meet the minor at TwitchCon.


He was banned because he was caught sexting with an underage person on the then-existing Twitch Whispers product. He attempted to meet up with the person at TwitchCon.

Cody Connors on the ban from Dr Disrespect (Source:

Dr Disrespect comments on the serious allegations

Content creator Jake Lucky retweeted Connors’ post.


There, Dr Disrespect spoke up and commented on the tweet with the following words: Jake seriously… I understand it’s a hot topic, but the matter was settled, no wrongdoing was admitted, and they paid out the entire contract.

DrDisrespect has not yet commented on the exact allegations. So far, he has only responded to Jake Lucky’s retweet.


We will have to wait and see whether we really find out what happened. After his ban on Twitch, DrDisrespect streamed on YouTube, even though he tried to switch: Streamer banned from Twitch brazenly demanded $50 million to switch to Kick, but they don’t seem to want to pay

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