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Dynamic backgrounds are on the way to PS5



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Considering that the PlayStation 5 is already in its second half of the life cycle, one might think that Sony would only focus on keeping this piece of hardware stable. However, it has recently been announced that a new update is already in development that would offer a series of additions that fans have been asking for since day one, as are dynamic funds.

PlayStation dynamic backgrounds debuted on PS3, and on PS4 they achieved a high level of popularity, so many were disappointed to see that this section was not present on the PS5. Fortunately, a new beta update that has reached the hands of some lucky users in the United States has made it clear that Sony intends to implement this option on its current hardware, although not in the way many expect.

According to Mystic, a famous YouTuber, the new firmware update has arrived in beta form for some users, and the most notable thing is the option of a dynamic background. Here, users can choose from a certain selection, or use an image that we have in the gallery. Unfortunately, This option will only be limited to the Exploration section.

This means that we will not have a dynamic background as seen on the PS3 or PS4, since the interface that we see today when selecting a game will be maintained, and It will only be in the Exploration section where this new option will be visible. This part will have additional changes, since it will function as a management center for your experience and activities, and even a game Watchlist option will be added.

At the moment, this is still a beta update, and Only a select group of users in the United States have access to this content. We can only wait for Sony to share more information about this new content, something that could happen in a couple of months. On related topics, you can learn more about the latest PlayStation 5 update here. Likewise, PlayStation users lose access to their digital games.

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Editor's Note:

The dynamic backgrounds of the PS4 are spectacular. My favorite is still Tifa's from Final Fantasy VII Remake, since we can hear her classic theme. However, the way in which the PS5 offers a specific musical and visual option for each game is something that I like too, it gives it a very special personal touch.

Via: Mystic

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