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EA FC 24: Jude Bellingham gets his own celebration



With the current update, EA Sports has not only worked on the gameplay FC24 screwed, but also visually adjusted some things. For example, For example, Jude Bellingham's fans are now just as happy about a goal in the game as the English super talent is on the real pitch. We'll show you what you have to do for it.

This is the situation:

  • EA Sports has released a comprehensive patch with the spring update, which, in addition to gameplay changes, also implemented new animations, authentic faces and other well-known celebrations in FC 24.
  • A small but nice highlight was the striking gesture of celebration by the English super talent Jude Bellingham. After his summer transfer to Real Madrid, he joined the ranks of the absolute top stars and is making a name for himself with strong performances in the current season.
  • Since the update, the 20-year-old's fans can now celebrate a goal scored just as the Madrid player has done several times this season. With 16 goals in 22 games, he is currently the top scorer in La Liga.

We will now tell you which key combination you can use to execute Bellingham’s “signature pose”.

Celebrate goals like Jude Bellingham in EA FC 24 – the new celebration is that easy

This is how you celebrate: If you have scored a hit with Jude Bellingham, you can enjoy the new celebration animation by pressing a single button, as there is a simple controller input for so-called “Signature Celebrations”.

On the PlayStation you just have to press the X button, whereas on the Xbox the A button triggers the correct animation. So it's quite simple, but there is also a small disadvantage.

EA Sports FC 24: Update teaser for EM 2024

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Since the pose with the outstretched arms is characteristic of the young Englishman, the cheering can only be carried out by him.

So you either have to get a card from Bellingham first in Ultimate Team or you can simply try out the procedure in kick-off mode with Real Madrid or the English national team.

If you want to know what else has changed as a result of the current update, we have created a detailed overview for you here.

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