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EA FC 24: New SBC gives you the chance to get a strong TOTY icon



For the first time in EA FC 24 The Team of the Year (TOTY) icons were mixed in with a player choice. We'll introduce you to the new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) and tell you what your chances are of drawing a strong card.

Which SBC is it? The icon player choice has already been available in several versions in EA FC 24. The principle always remains the same. After you have completed the SBC, you can choose between 3 different icons.

Over time, new icons are continually added to the player pool. In addition to the basic icons and winter wildcard icons, you can now also draw the coveted TOTY icons.

What are TOTY Icons? These special versions appeared during the TOTY event. The cards in the white, gold and blue design stand out because they are very good upgrades to the already strong icons. Accordingly, they are very expensive on the transfer market.

In total you have the option of 11 TOTY icons, with the cheapest card costing just under 700,000 coins. But even apart from the strongest icon versions in the game so far, there are some other valuable players who are among the candidates for the new SBC.

Here you can see the best (left) and worst (right) picks from the player selection in a comparison.

New Icon Player Choice: These are the 10 most expensive cards

Below we present you a list of the 10 most expensive icons that you can get from the new Player Choice SBC.

Which potential icons from the player choice cost you the most coins? This is the status as of March 6, 2024:

  1. TOTY Ronaldo – 15 million (sold out)
  2. TOTY Hamm – 11.4 million
  3. Ronaldo – 7.8 million
  4. TOTY Vieira – 7.5 million
  5. Winter Wildcards Pele – 6 million
  6. TOTY Ferdinand – 5.1 million
  7. Ronaldinho – 4.6 million
  8. TOTY Matthew – 4.4 million
  9. Hamm – 3.8 million
  10. Pele – 3.5 million

As you can see, the TOTY Icons expand the list of valuable players to include some top-class players. 5 TOTY Icons alone are among the 10 most expensive cards you can get from the new SBC.

The two Brazilian strikers Ronaldo and Pele, as well as the English women's icon Mia Hamm, are even represented twice.

Not quite as good as Ronaldo, Pele or Hamm, but significantly cheaper, is a striker I tested and who reminds me of a much better Haaland. Check out the review here.

Is the SBC worth it? There are around 130 icons in the player pool that have a rating of 87 or higher. Around 50 cards are more expensive than the SBC, which currently costs around 375,000 coins. (As of: March 6, 2024)

This means that the success rate is mathematically less than 50%. However, you have to take into account that there are more than 30 players with whom you can more than double your stake. Most of the players in question even cost over a million coins on the transfer market.

In addition, you are not only assigned one icon in a player choice, but you can choose between 3 different icons, which further increases the chance of a strong pick.

In the end, the Icon Player Choice SBCs remain a big gamble and you have to decide for yourself whether you want to risk your luck.

If you still need a few coins, check your club to see if you have one of these cards available for exchange: Nobody actually plays 10 cards, but they are always sold out – a new feature makes this possible

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