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EA FC 24: Two important changes make special cards playable again



The Team of the Week (TOTW) in EA FC 24 comes with two strong innovations. Since TOTW 23, the special cards not only get stronger stat boots. Selected players can even look forward to up to two additional golden playstyles.

What is the Team of the Week in EA FC 24? Every week, the Team of the Week brings you a team with the best performers from the previous match day, based on the performances of real football professionals. The players then receive one of the well-known black and gold special cards with improved values, and some have at least received a new Playstyle+.

Although the TOTW is one of the oldest institutions in Ultimate Team, it has clearly lost its appreciation in recent years. The TOTW players are actually only interesting when they are needed for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). A number of better event cards, such as the stars of the FC fantasy event, have long since overtaken TOTW.

However, that could now change, as EA has tweaked the upgrades in several ways. This is best seen in the current TOTW.

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TOTW heavily renewed: more powerful boosts and two Playstyle+

That's why the TOTW could become interesting again: We noticed that the TOTW upgrades are now tightening up more.

Heavier stat boosts:

EA is not above distributing two information upgrades at once. You can see this, for example, on the current TOTW 24 for Milan star Rafael Leão, who actually should have gotten an upgrade from 86 to 87, but now even has an 88. The upgrade from Juve player Vlahović, who jumps from an 83 straight to an 88, is even stronger.

Twice as many playstyles+:

In addition to the improvements to their stats, selected players will also receive one or two new Playstyle+, depending on whether the base card already had a golden playstyle before the upgrade.

This innovation suddenly makes some cards much more interesting. After 5 months of EA FC 24, it can be said that some playstyles are almost more important than the card's pure stats, as they significantly strengthen shots, passes and defending. Some play styles can even make your players faster.

EA FC 24 TOTW Gosen's Playstyles

The TOTW card of Union Berlin star and national player Robin Gosens with the golden playstyles “In the air” and “Block” suddenly becomes a real defensive edge. Added to this is the already strong upgrade of his stats from 79 to 87.

To find out which playstyles are strongest in EA FC 24, check out a pro's ranking of all playstyles.

Which players get the stronger upgrades? So far, only the two strongest and the featured TOTW cards (indicated by the star above the rating) have received the upgrades with additional Playstyle+.

As the EA FC 24 season nears its climax, we can imagine EA rolling out the revamped upgrades to more and more TOTW players in the coming weeks.

We are only in March, but a well-known leaker, in cooperation with other insiders, has already revealed the supposed design for the Team of the Season (TOTS), which will not appear until May. We took this as an opportunity to see which Bundesliga stars could get a TOTS.

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