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EA puts an end to one of its most anticipated Star Wars games




Today is quite sad for the people who work within Electronic Arts, since a statement has made it known that many people will leave the company, this with the aim of expanding into different horizons and also stopping making games that require use of external license. And for that same reason, they have decided to cancel projects that have some kind of relationship, mentioning that something quite ambitious will never see the light of day due to this decision.

Through an additional statement to the layoffs, it has been shared which games will no longer be a priority for the company, including definitive cancellations and that includes a game title. Star Wars which was being developed by Respawn Entertainment. To the relief of the players, it is not about the saga Jedi with Cal Kestisbut of a shooter that could return to battlefrontonly this time with a way to improve the failures of previous deliveries.

Here is what was mentioned by the president of EA Entertainment, Laura Miele:

It's always difficult to abandon a project, and this decision is not a reflection of the talent, tenacity, or passion the team has for the game. Giving fans the next installments of the iconic franchises they want is the definition of blockbuster storytelling and the right place to focus.

There is not much about the FPS of Star Warsbut it was said to feature a Mandalorian protagonist who would perhaps have a relationship with Boba Fett. For its part, the fate of the strategy game Star Wars of EA It's also unclear whether this move is being taken in part because of what it perceives as a rapid shift toward large open-world games, massive communities, and live service games. Therefore, licensed productions would have no place in the restructuring.

This marks another step in industry layoffs and game cancellations, as recently happened at Embracer Group.

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Editor's note: It's a relief that Star Wars: Jedi has been saved from being cancelled. And many of us want to see the story of Cal Kestis concluded, since his adventures give a fresh air to the saga, and above all the connections that may be had with the film saga.

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