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Easily beats Garmin & Co.: The Pixel Watch 2 is beautiful and runs forever



As part of Android Weeks, MediaMarkt has a whole range of great deals ready for you. Our highlight: The Pixel Watch 2 at a fantastic price.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a smartwatch for a while, now is your moment. The Pixel Watch 2 is stylish, simple and has some exciting features under its shiny hood. At MediaMarkt you can now get them cheaper than ever before:

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Currently and until 23 June Android Weeks are running at MediaMarkt. In addition to the aforementioned Pixel Watch 2, you will find smartphones from well-known manufacturers, high-end Samsung tablets and much more. You only have a few days left, so be quick and grab it now:

Direct to the Android Weeks at MediaMarkt

A practical companion for everyday life

Being able to monitor your body functions is practical not only when exercising, but also in everyday life. The Google Pixel Watch 2 helps you to better recognize and manage stress by tracking body reactions and skin temperature fluctuations. It offers functions such as an ECG app for checking heart rhythm and an emergency SOS function for additional safety.

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Particularly noteworthy is the powerful battery, which lasts up to 24 hours with the always-on display. The integrated Google Assistant allows you to access important information via voice command without interrupting your training.

Act quickly before it’s too late

Samsung phones, tablets and much more

Many top Android devices are significantly reduced in price.

Now you can call a stylish smartwatch your own, but you still need a top-notch mobile phone to go with it? Then head to the MediaMarkt shop, where you can get everything your Android heart desires. the powerful Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet is on offer – 33% discount is a huge number!

All Android Weeks offers

You don’t want to miss any more current offers? Then you should urgently our deal overview page bookmark it. There you will find the best offers every day on gaming, tech and some other areas.

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