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Echoes a secret Exo, but Bungie makes you wait two months for it



Since the completion of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 no longer has seasons, but rather episodes. The current episode: Echoes has received mixed reactions from players. The reason for this is its length.

What are episodes? Since the conclusion of The Final Shape, there are no more seasons in Destiny 2, but rather so-called episodes. The episode currently running is Echoes, which runs from June 11th to October 8th. An episode is divided into three acts.


A post from Destiny Bulletin on X now tells us that Act 3 brings a secret Exo.

But players don’t seem to be very happy about it, as Bungie is making them wait another two months.


Bungie shows the future of Destiny 2 after The Final Shape in the new trailer


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Act 3 will not be released until August

Why do players have to wait two months? A big problem with the episodes of Destiny 2 seems to be that they last far too long in the eyes of players. We are currently still in the first act of the episode. The new Exo mission and the Exo weapon from Act 3 will only be released in over 60 days, as of today, June 20th.

For many players, this is a thorn in their side. Paul Tassi in a post on X his displeasure by saying what many seem to be thinking: Man, this is going to take a long time.


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How does the community react to this? Many other users seem to agree with him in the post on X. Many players criticize the fact that new story sections are only released in dribs and drabs and many seem annoyed by this. Another problem seems to be that episodes were originally supposed to provide more content, but this does not seem to be the case for many players.

Some users write under the post:

  • iiiBlueApple writes on X: I’m convinced that episodes are just seasons, but in the original everything is spread out even further.
  • CANAD1AN_KRONiC commented on X: So can I justifiably say that episodes = seasons? Or does everyone still have pitchforks in their hands against me?
  • JustBlameCasual notes on X: Episodes are just long, boring seasons

This is not the first time that Destiny 2 has been criticized by its players. Last year, the criticism was directed mainly at the DLC LightfallOn June 4, the expansion The Final Shape. Read what players think of this DLC here: Has Destiny 2 finally pulled itself together after a bad year? This is what the reviews of “The Final Shape” on Steam say

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