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eFootball announces collaboration with Blue Lock



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Although eFootball is positioned as a football simulator, it is still an interactive experience in which many companies see potential. In this way, today a new update for this title has been revealed, which, among its new features, offers a collaboration with Blue Lockone of the most popular football animes of the moment.

Through a new statement, Konami has revealed that content inspired by Blue Local is now available on eFootball, which includes a line of themed cards, avatars, uniforms, in-game challenges, and much more. Here, players will be able to wear the limited-edition “Blue Lock Team Red” and “Blue Lock Team White” uniforms, as well as “Team White” with the “Blue Lock Pack: Yoichi Isagi.” Along with this, by participating in the “Tour Event: Blue Lock 2nd Selection”, users can receive the “Blue Lock Team Red” uniform.

Through various campaign achievements and challenges, all players can earn more prizes, totaling up to 15 thousand experience points, 60,000 GP and 50 eFootball coins. All content relating to Blue Lock will be available for a limited timeso you better hurry to get everything.


This is not all, since The new update finally adds the Arsenal FC team, which will be available from next March 25. Along with this, special edition Big Time cards are added to the game featuring three players from the current team and their custom designs: Tomahiro Tomiyasu, Gabriel Martinelli and Kai Havertz.

As a striking addition, The update also adds the Estadio Olimpico Universitario, home of the UNAM Pumas, which is now available. Finally, today a number of new features and game improvements have been added, designed to address key user feedback.

With “position-based training,” users can use exclusive items to train up to two position-specific skills per player. This will allow you to further customize your features and tactical setups.. Defense will also be improved, increasing the ability of defenders to recover the ball accurately, and individual heading ability will be reinforced, and a new goal performance will be added.

All this content is now available on eFootball, which, remember, is a free game available on consoles and PC. On related topics, these are the eFootball 2024 leagues. Likewise, we will tell you whether this game is worth it or not.

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Editor's Note:

It's good to see that Konami continues to do everything it can to improve the experience of this football simulator. As if that were not enough, the collaboration with Blue Lock makes it clear that the developers do not lose sight of the fans, and they know that this is just a video game with which they can have fun.

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