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Elden Ring: DLC “Shadow of the Erdtree” plans to be released in June



The developers behind Elden Ring recently released the trailer for the upcoming DLC. It should be called Shadow of the Earth Tree. You can find out what you should know about the release, price and content here in our overview.

Elden Ring DLC ​​– When is the release? The release of the upcoming DLC ​​is dated June 21, 2024. Players can pre-order the DLC now and secure a bonus in the form of an emote.

We have included the trailer for the gameplay here:

Elden Ring shows first trailer for new DLC “Shadow of the Erdtree”

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You can find out more about the reveal and the upcoming content of Elden Ring in our short analysis of the gameplay trailer.

Elden Ring DLC: This is what you need to know about the price

How much does the DLC cost? Depending on where you purchase the expansion, you can expect a price of up to €39.99. An unusually high price for a DLC from FromSoftware, but the price could also reflect the wealth of content. Only time will tell what Hidetaka Miyazaki has come up with for the DLC.

Elden Ring DLC: Content, bosses and location at a glance

Elden Ring DLC ​​– What content? In Shadow of the Earth Tree you enter the shadowy realm of the Earth Tree – a new dimension in which Messmer, one of the main antagonists of the DLC, is located. So you enter this world through a portal and now have to find out what machinations the god is doing in this world.

In the DLC you will also be able to explore new areas such as a swamp or a huge castle. The world is still open and can be explored by you with Torrent, your trusty steed.

New bosses as well as armor and weapons are among the content that players can expect from the release. Even new talents, such as throwing large pitchers or darting through opponents as a porcupine, will soon be allowed to be used by players.

Last but not least, Messmer, the boss of this dimension, makes his point clear. He has no regard for the defiled and will do everything in his power to destroy you.

Miquella, the sleeping god in Mohgwyn's Palace, will most likely be the key to the portal to the new shadow realm. He will also guide you through the DLC through his footsteps.

That was all the important information regarding the Elden Ring DLC. If further information becomes known, this article will of course be updated. Are you excited about the Shadow of the Earth Tree or is Elden Ring enough for you without an expansion? Let us know in the comments!

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