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Elden Ring: Find and defeat the Furnace Golem



On your way through the Shadowlands of Elden Ring, you will repeatedly encounter the large, wandering furnace golems. We will show you where to find them and how to defeat them.

What are furnace golems? Shortly after entering the DLC, you will spot the first of the eight furnace golems in the distance. They walk on two legs, have arms and a “furnace face”. A fire burns in their core, which the enemy uses quite effectively in battle.

If you look closer, you will see that there are human-like bodies in the oven – quite disturbing when you think about it. We will show you all the locations of the giants and how best to fight them. You can use the index to quickly jump to the individual points in the guide.

Elden Ring introduces the boss enemies of the DLC

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Finding Furnace Golems – All Locations

The furnace golems wander around the open world and are all optional. Fighting them can be difficult, especially at the beginning, especially if you haven’t collected any of the Scadu tree fragments yet. You can find a guide on MeinMMO.

You can find them at the following locations on the map:

When you defeat a golem, you will receive various equipment. Each one drops a furnace face, which can be used as a material to craft items. The furnaces also drop new crystal tears for your medicinal mixture.

Before you get to that point, you’ll have to defeat the huge enemies first. In the next section, we’ll give you some tips for doing so.

How the Furnace Golem fights

What can the opponent do? If you face the fight, it is best to sit on your steed Stormwind. This will allow you to avoid some of the golem’s attacks. It is best to equip a talisman that gives you a lot of fire protection. For example, the Flame Dragon Talisman +3.

The fire is powerful. If you get too close to the golem’s feet, it will stomp and create a large wave of fire. You can avoid this by double jumping onto Stormwind at the right moment. But be careful: be careful not to jump into the burning foot.

If you are far away, the golem will throw fire at you. You can avoid this attack by dodging sideways.

If you have already reduced the enemy’s health bar, he will jump high into the air and land with a crash on the ground. This also creates a large, dangerous wave of fire, which you can again dodge with Stormwind and a double jump.

The guy has one last nasty trick up his sleeve: he can lean forward and grab you. If he catches you, he’ll throw you into the blazing fire of his oven and you’ll die. You can avoid this attack by staying behind him.

Defeat the Furnace Golem

How do you defeat the golem? The enemy is particularly vulnerable on the legs. So aim your attacks there and try to break the stance as quickly as possible. Then the golem falls to the ground and the sensitive spot on the head comes close to you. You can land a critical hit on the glowing spot on the mask and cause massive damage.

Depending on the strength of your weapon and your character, the golem can take between one and three critical hits. If you use spells, you can easily attack from a distance and attack the face directly. Just watch out for the powerful counters that the golem fires at you.

If you stand slightly higher above a golem, you can also throw a “Heavy Fire Pot” directly into the oven, which also causes a lot of damage.

If you follow these tips, the golems will fall one after the other and you will receive their crystal tears. Have you already tried one? Let us know in the comments. You can also find more guides on Elden Ring and the DLC Shadow of the Erdtree on MeinMMO.

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