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Elden Ring: Start the Igon Quest, defeat Bayle and become a dragon



In Elden Ring there is a big quest about the mutilated Igon, the priestess of the Dragon Communion, and the terrible Bayle, the dragon. We’ll show you how to complete the quest to turn yourself into a dragon.

Where do I start Igon’s quest? To start Igon’s quest, you must first find him. Go to his first meeting point from the Place of Mercy “Front of the Castle” and follow the dirt road in a southeasterly direction to the Place of Mercy “Waypoint at the Colonnade”.

Elden Ring Igon First Location
Follow the path we have marked for you

Once there, you will see a legless man on the dirt road to the southwest, screaming in pain. That’s Igon. Speak to him to start his quest. We will now show you step by step everything you need to do to be able to fight Bayle with Igon, so that you will be richly rewarded at the end.

You can use our directory to jump to the individual steps of the quest. Please note that the quest requires another NPC besides Igon. We will list them in the guide.

Defeat the invader “Ancient Dragon Man”

Once you have endured Igon’s screams, you must follow the dirt road in a southwesterly direction until the intruder “Ancient Dragon Man” haunts you. You will know whether you are on the right path when you can see the headless statues of ancient dragons on the side of the road. Once the Dragon Man has visited you, all you have to do is kill him.

Complete the Dragon Pit cave

Next, after the fight with the intruder, you must continue along the path until you reach the Dragon Pit cave. Fight your way through and defeat the boss of the dungeon. After defeating the Ancient Dragon Man again, you can open the door that the boss was guarding.

Reach Elden Ring Dragon Territory
A big door waiting to be opened

Follow the path through the countless dragon statues until you find the place of mercy “Dragon Pit, Final Destination”. Now you have to get to know a new NPC.

Find Altar of Dragon Communion & Dragon Priestess

From the place of grace “Dragon Pit, Final Destination” you now move eastwards until you find the small lake that is guarded by a dragon. Defeat the dragon. From the lake you then turn southwards and follow the path until you discover a huge dragon carcass and can rest at the place of grace “Great Altar of Dragon Communion”.

Elden Ring Dragon Priestess
At the lake, take the right path towards the dragon carcass

Get up from the Place of Grace and speak to the Dragon Priestess who is next to the Altar of Dragon Communion. She will offer to devour the Dragon Essence, which you should accept. Once you do so, you will receive the “Blessing of the Ancient Dragon,” a powerful buff that you should use in the fight against Bayle.

If you continue to talk to her after the ceremony, she will tell you details about Bayle and Igon that could prove useful. Once you’re finished talking, you’ll have to go dragon hunting again.

Defeat both dragons at the foot of Blade Peak

After speaking to the dragon priestess, teleport yourself to the place of grace “Dragon Pit, Final Destination”. Once you’re there, ride to the lake and then take the path north that will take you near Blade Peak. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you’ve ridden through a stone monument that looks like a coccyx. Here’s the map again for illustration.

Elden Ring Igon Location
At the same lake you now go left up the mountain

Follow the path further up until you reach the Place of Mercy “Foot of Blade Peak”. Ride further up until you see two dragons fighting. Defeat both dragons and rest again at a Place of Mercy. Now you have to find Igon again.

Find Igon & get his crooked finger

To find Igon again, you must return to where the two dragons fought. Follow the path further into the Blade Peak until you find Igon on the ground again. He will want to talk to you. Speak to him until he gives you his Crooked Finger and asks you to summon him when you face Bayle.

Without his finger you can’t call Igon

Defeat the boss “Ancient Dragon Senessax”

Once you have chatted with Igon, you must continue your journey further into the Blade Peak. Climb onto your trusty steed and use the ghostly jump zones to gain more height. Once you have climbed high enough, you will once again discover the ancient dragon Senessax in a huge lake. You must defeat him.

To defeat him in a relaxed manner, you should keep your distance. The lake increases the range of his attacks. So it makes sense to use magic to kill the dragon. We have a strong build for your easy mode for you, of course. Also use strong spirit ashes like the ashes of the Dragon Knight Kristoff to distract the dragon. Once you have defeated him, you will receive an Ancient Dragonforge Stone and an Ancient Dragondarkforge Stone.

Defeat the dragon “Bayle the Terrible”

Once you’ve dealt with Senessax, you have to continue climbing the mountain until you find the fog wall to Bayle. Now, keep in mind that Bayle is one of the hardest bosses in the DLC. Even though he attacks without wings and with only one leg, he is quite agile and his lightning attacks have a large range that he can cover.

Weapons like the Dragon Hunter Great Katana or magic can do a lot of damage to Bayle. To summon Igon in battle, you have to be in the arena. So enter the wall of fog and run towards Bayle until you see the golden writing on the ground. He will support you in the battle. You can also summon another spirit ash, which can also attack Bayle.

Once you have defeated Bayle, you will receive the Heart of Bayle. With this you can purchase two invocations at the Altar of the Dragon Communion.

This includes:

  • Bayle’s Tyranny (requires 49 Arcane Energy)
  • Bayle’s Flame Bolt (requires 53 Arcane Energy)

Visit Igon & Dragon Priestess

Once you have defeated Bayle, you can now visit Igon at the place where he gave you his finger. He can now rest and will give you all his armor, including his sound pearl and bow.

Once you have acquired the items, you can visit the dragon priestess. She will have disappeared, but in the place where she was standing you will receive the flowerstone hammer and the priestess heart item. With this heart you can now transform into the first form of a dragon. Once you have transformed, your invocations of the dragon cult will be increased.

That was the quest of Igon, the Dragon Priestess and Bayle, the Terrible. There are many quests that you can tackle in the new DLC of Elden Ring. We have already listed many of them for you in our guide overview. So if you are looking for more, you should take a look there: Elden Ring: All guides, beginner tips and builds at a glance

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