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Elliot Page reveals that a major actor attacked him




Actor Elliot Page has gone through quite complicated situations after assuming his new identity a few years ago, as people close to him have not stopped attacking him for his decision. He recently revealed a homophobic incident that Page reveals in his memoirs, Pageboy. He describes that she suffered anxiety attacks while promoting The origin and considered the promotion of Juno due to Foxdescribes a traumatic encounter with a famous actor in the industry.

In the segment called “Famous Stupid at a Party,” he tells how in 2014, while still identifying as a lesbian before her transition, was verbally assaulted during a party in Los Angeles. Where they constantly insisted on having relationships that she obviously didn’t want to have for any reason, and she still remembers the words they said to her that night.

Here you can read them as they come in his book:

You are not gay. That does not exist. You’re only scared of men. I’m going to **** to make you realize you’re not gay.

Something quite curious is that days later the aggressor tried to recant saying that he had no problems with gays. The actor described this anecdote to show the reality that queer and trans people face. Assuring that he has lived several versions of that in his life. Adding that these moments, which are often not talked about or are supposed to be overlooked, are actually horrible and are sometimes kept quiet out of fear or simply receiving rejection from society.

He ended by commenting that he decided not to reveal the name of the aggressor, although he made it clear that if the individual reads the book he will know that it is him. He highlighted the power and influence of such people in hollywood, which remains intact despite its apparent inclusion in current films and series. And he emphasizes that since he is now still someone who has already made a name for himself in the industry, it is very unlikely that he will have a cancellation no matter how much his identity is revealed, especially because of the contacts he has.

Via: Yahoo News

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Author’s note: To this day, these attacks are commonplace, so it does not surprise me that he has gone through that situation. However, and as he states, when they do that, renowned actors don’t really have much to fear because of contacts.

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