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Elon Musk buys Rockstar Games



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Elon Musk, CEO of X and Tesla, has proven to have almost unlimited funds to acquire whatever he wants. In this way, today we woke up to news that not many saw coming, since the person responsible for the Internet Starlink has revealed that has bought Rockstar, developers of Grand Theft Auto 6, in a move that will help it enter the mobile video game market.

Through an official statement on the Take-Two site, the now owners of Borderlands have indicated that the sale of Rockstar to Elon Musk is already in process, and is planned to be completed at some point in the second quarter of the fiscal year in march, that is, between July and September 2024. In total, The head of Tesla will have to pay $25 billion dollars, which represents almost half of what he spent on Twitter. This is what Elon commented on the matter:

“As part of our new plan to make X the 'app for everything,' acquiring Rockstar Games is a perfect opportunity to enter the mobile market.”

This is just one of the tactics that Elon Musk has in mind to grow Twitter and solve the lack of advertising. In this way, the social network is expected to offer a mobile gaming system similar to what we find on Netflix at the moment. This means that multiple Rockstar titles will be available through this social network in the future. Although there are not many details at the moment, it is very likely that the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition can be played this way.

With this, A Twitter Blue subscription will be required to access the games that will be available on X through mobile devices. Likewise, the possibility of Elon Musk obtaining the support of other studios to bring his titles to this social network in the future is not ruled out. Now, many are surely wondering what will happen to GTA 6. Well, details are scarce, but it is very likely that a mobile version is already in development, which would arrive before the PC edition.

As usual, We just have to wait for more information to become available.. Last but not least, it is important to mention that this is an April Fools' joke. That's right, this is a joke that videotechuk_, a famous Rockstar-focused insider, has spread across the internet in the last few hours. No, Take-Two didn't sell Rockstar to Elon Musk, thank goodness. They imagine? That would be a very bad decision on the part of Take-Two. On related topics, Take-Two's actions regarding the possible delay of Grand Theft Auto 6. Likewise, it seems that the delay of this title is an exaggeration,

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Editor's Note:

The idea of ​​Take-Two selling Rockstar is already crazy, but the fact that it would do so to Elon Musk sounds like something impossible. Not only has the head of Twitter bought into being incapable of doing anything right with this social network, but he clearly sees himself as someone who doesn't understand the point of the satire that games like Grand Theft Auto present to us.

Via: videotechuk_

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