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Elon Musk launches lawsuit against OpenAI




At the moment, artificial intelligence is advancing steadily, and this is due to tools like ChatGPT, which can do simple things like ask a question about almost any topic, or ask for a script for an episode of a well-known pop culture series. . However, not everyone thinks they are having the desired performance, among them is the millionaire Elon Musk, who apparently has sued the company that owns this tool, we talk about OpenAI.

Within the lawsuit that includes two flagship people of the company, Sam Altman and Greg Brockmanclaiming that the company's focus would have changed drastically, from a non-profit chat tool to a de facto, closed-source subsidiary of none other than Microsoftsince its greatest compatibility is through Windows.

Here is what his appeal says:

The internal details of GPT-4 are only known to Open AI. GPT-4 is the opposite of 'open AI. And information about GPT-4 is not made public for commercial reasons: Microsoft makes a fortune selling GPT-4 to the public, something that would not be possible if OpenAI – as required – published its technology openly to the public.

It is striking that Elon Musk He was one of the founding members of OpenAI in 2015 along with other visionaries such as Sam Altman or Greg Brockman. The association was initially developed as a non-profit organization that sought to develop artificial intelligence to benefit all humanity. But this has changed over the years, since they limit information to those who do not make a financial outlay, and to stay ahead you have to make that payment.

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Editor's note: It is rare for these things to happen, but they could also have the right to ask for monetary compensation due to the effort they put into this algorithm. However, it may be that in the end the accusation has no basis and things will stay there.

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