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Embracer Group would be selling two of its studios |




Many companies have been in a strange crisis in recent months, speaking specifically of those related to the world of video games, it has been announced practically every week that some of them are laying off a large part of their staff. That is the case of Embracer Group, a collective that owns many developers that did not have a good time due to failures like the new Saints Row and recently PayDay 3, so they have been forced to get rid of creatives who are not their priority.

According to recent reports, this company would be looking to sell no more and no less than Saber Interactivewho are currently developing a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which despite not being canceled, is apparently frozen in its creation. This is for an agreement of 500 million dollars, but for now they have not revealed who they will give it to, they only talk about a “group of private investors” who for now do not reveal the identity.

There is also talk of Gearbox Studios, which could become independent or sold, according to what was reported from Kotaku, Randy Pitchford, CEO and co-founder of the studio, held a public meeting with staff where various scenarios regarding the future of the company were evaluated. And perhaps the best thing is that they separate to continue with their projects, but now the question remains of what is going to happen with the future film of Borderlands which already has a released trailer.

Via: Kotaku

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