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Euro 2024 player wore Mario and Luigi cleats




A new edition of the Euro Cupin this case that of 2024, with matches that have been quite close and have kept fan users on the edge of their seats, watching and celebrating that their preferred team can beat the rival. And something that certain people have noticed is that one of the players is wearing significant clothing, specifically his shoes, which are adorned with none other than characters from Nintendo.

The Albanian footballer Jasir Asancarries on its blue heels the figures of Mario and Luigi, this with its modern versions that are used for the different video games in the saga of the Italian-American character, which seems to have no borders in terms of the fans generated. It can be seen that in each shoe comes one of the brothers, who surprised fans yesterday with the confirmation of their next RPG-style adventure.

Here you can see them:

Screenshot 2024-06-19 125400

It is worth mentioning that the sports shoes were designed by SWithADot, a company that serves people who want to modify their footwear with a special design, which in this case is focused on the most famous brothers in video games. In this case, some Cougarwhich can be considered classics in the world of sports, since a large part of the players use them and the Euros were not going to be the exception.

Now you know, if you are interested in having modifications made to your shoes, you can consult with this company.

Via: Gonintendo

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Author’s note: It is definitely a shoe that many would like to have, since as far as I remember there have been no more Nintendo collaborations with Tennis brands beyond Vans. There was Animal Crossing with Puma, but that’s another matter.

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