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Everything announced in the new Xbox podcast




Today we had a new broadcast of the Xbox podcast, but this time it was special, since three important executives of the brand appeared on screen, Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty, who gave a lot of information about what the future of the brand will be like. And right here we tell you what the most important announcements have been within this framework, from the quietest to what has taken the fans by storm.

Four games reach other platforms

The first thing that has been made clear is that there will be four games from the company that will reach other platforms, no names were given but it is mentioned under the table that they will be Hi-Fi Rush!, Grounden, Pentiment and Sea of ​​Thieves. They clarify to us that two of them were intended to be only for Xbox and two others were actually already planned to move to more consoles from their conception.

Denying the arrival of some games on PS5

It has been mentioned that Starfield and Indiana Jones They are not games that are going to be moved to other platforms, that directly indicates PlayStation 5. They also mention that they will continue with their vision of what exclusivity is. And for the moment let's not get excited that everything that is published will appear elsewhere. At the moment only those four games and nothing beyond that.

Likewise, he expresses his wish that some games of Nintendo either sony also reach their consoles, something that predisposes as a wish but that is surely not going to happen.

Arrival of Activision Blizzard games to Game Pass

With great fanfare, Matt Booty mentions that he is very excited that Diablo IV ewill be arriving at the service Xbox Game Pass coming March 28 to the platforms. This as part of a path that will lead to more games of Activision Blizzard They will be added gradually.

Layoffs influenced the option of multiplatform games

Phil Spencer mentions that despite having a series of important games in 2023the industry did not “grow,” which led to layoffs, including those of Microsoft already mentioned at the beginning of the year. As stated, the company needs to expand beyond the player base of Xbox to keep it healthy enough to keep jobs.

New hardware and new generation

Sarah Bond has started talking about hardware Xboxand mentions that they have interesting news regarding the subject, so on Christmas 2024 They will give news that gamers will like, with that the alarms go off that they are going to present their style laptop Steam Deck. For their part, they mention that they will continue to be present in the new generation, and that their next console will be the biggest leap they make in terms of applied technology.

The legacy of the games will be respected in new generations

Within the podcast, the topic has been addressed that there is some fear on the part of players that backward compatible versions of games are going to be lost with the leap to the next generation. Given this, Phil Spencer confirms that this legacy will be respected and they will do everything possible to pass as many titles as possible so that they are not lost. So the service of installing a disk that is compatible with the new hardware would be present.

Via: Kotaku

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Editor's note: Although to some they may have seemed like merely corporate announcements, a lot of valuable information has come to light, such as the confession that Xbox will continue in the console market. No one else in the industry has spoken so directly about their next leap, not even Nintendo.

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