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Everything you need to know about release, classes, preload, system requirements, console (PS5), free to play, trailer



On June 21st, Tarisland will be released, not only as the first major MMORPG of 2024, but also as the first ambitious online role-playing game since Lost Ark, which was released in the West in February 2022. MeinMMO summarizes everything you need to know about the release date, preload, system requirements, console (PS5), free to play, trailer and controller support.

When will Tarisland be released for which platforms? The MMORPG from Tencent and Level Infinite was released on June 21, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. German time, for PC, Android and iOS. The pre-download has been available since June 20 at 4:00 a.m.

If you’re already gasping for breath because you’ve had bad experiences with online role-playing games in the past that have been released for PC AND mobile devices, we can reassure you! Tarisland is a full-fledged MMORPG for the PC in terms of controls, user interface, graphics and complexity. Consider the mobile version an optional bonus.

Update from June 21, 2024: The release is today. We have added an overview of the classes and a guide with tips for getting started.

Launch trailer for Tarisland

The new trailer for Tarisland gets you in the mood for the launch:

Tarisland shows “Rage of the Dragon” in new trailer

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Payment model: Is Tarisland free to play and Pay2Win?

How does Tarisland monetize itself? Thanks to the free-to-play payment model, you can simply download Tarisland and start playing from June 21, 2024. You can invest money in the MMORPG through the following offers:

  • Monthly Battle Pass that provides you with mainly cosmetic items and materials. All Battle Pass content should also be playable.
  • Optional subscription that gives you more experience for the Battle Pass, a bonus to vigor and the auto-fishing feature. You also benefit from lower taxes on the marketplace.
  • There is an in-game shop where you can buy cosmetic items such as skins, mounts, toys and pets. You can also expand your bank or get more bag space here.

Crystals are a real money currency that you can use to pay for the Battle Pass, the subscription and your purchases in the in-game shop. On top of that, you can convert crystals into gold via the so-called “Trade Center” and use your real money to buy what other players want to sell – similar to WoW or Guild Wars 2.

The good news: After the Pay2Win shitstorm last year, the developers have made adjustments to make the payment model fairer. In the Chinese version that is already playable, for example, you can no longer buy the best possible equipment for real money.

Tarisland explains the economic system of the MMORPG in the video

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Full-fledged MMORPG for the PC

Why should I try Tarisland? Over the past ten years, it has been rare for new, ambitious MMORPGs to appear that focus on a PvE theme park with dungeons and raids.

Tarisland is just such an online role-playing game. In the tutorial you will already face the first boss fight, in which other warriors fight at your side. In the leveling phase and in the endgame, further 5- and 10-player challenges await you. Large raids for 20- and 40-player raids are planned.

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Tarisland wants to bring at least 60 new boss fights every year – and they mean it

by Jasmin Beverungen

In keeping with the focus on PvE group challenges, Tarisland uses an old-school tab-targeting combat system like WoW and Final Fantasy XIV. There are nine classes to choose from, each with two specializations. You can switch between them and adapt your role.

You can find all information about the nine classes of Tarisland here:

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Tarisland: The 9 classes in the guide and which WoW specializations they remind you of

by Karsten Scholz

In the traditional sense, the story of Tarisland and the associated quests will guide you through the adventure like a thread. Off the beaten track, you can level up professions, trade, or try your hand at PvP.

The fights between the players take place in instanced arenas or on battlefields. The equipment is set to a comparable level there. Those who work their way up the PvP ranks receive stat bonuses for the PvP confrontations.

System requirements for PC and mobile

What are the system requirements for Tarisland?

For PC, your system must meet the following system requirements:

  • Recommended: Win10 64-bit / CPU i5 / 16 GB RAM / dedicated GTX 1060 graphics card / 40 GB storage space or more
  • Minimum: Win10 64-bit / CPU i5 / 8 GB RAM / dedicated GTX 750 graphics card / 40 GB storage space or more

For Android, the developers recommend:

  • Recommended: Kirin 985 / Snapdragon 865 / Dimensity 1200 or higher
  • Minimum: Snapdragon 660 / Kirin 950 or higher
  • Initial Android package size: 1.45 GB

For iOS it says briefly and succinctly:

  • Recommended: iPhone 8 or higher
  • Initial iOS package size – 3.17 GB

Tablets need at least 15 GB of available storage space.

Will Tarisland be released on console (PS5, Xbox, Switch), will there be controller support?

Are a console version and controller support planned? There has been no official announcement for a console port of Tarisland so far. So you can’t currently experience the MMORPG on PS5, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. There will also be no controller support at launch. Instead, you control the MMORPG on the PC in the classic way with a mouse and keyboard. More information about the launch can be found here: Tarisland – Pre-download is available, this is what you need to know about the launch of the MMORPG

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