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Evil Superman explains why he doesn’t have OnlyFans



The fourth season of The Boys has finally started on Amazon Prime with three episodes. The series was already known for interesting and satirical marketing, but this time fans were allowed to ask the great Homelander questions on Reddit.

Spoiler alert: The following article may contain slight spoilers for the first three episodes of season 4. If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, you should come back afterwards.


The Boys is currently in full swing in its fourth season and is starting off as rough as ever. There is a lot of black humor, explicit brutality and a lot of screen time for the villain Homelander. In addition to the usual satirical posts on Instagram, marketing for the series has spread to Reddit.

Last Friday, June 14, 2024, fans were able to ask the famous Vought hero questions in a Reddit AMA. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and is used in many industries. For example, in the games industry, where developers also answer players’ questions. Typically for The Boys, the fans did not ask normal Questions.


You can find the first trailer for The Boys here:


The Boys Official Trailer Season 1

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Homelander doesn’t want to break the Internet

Under the Reddit post from the official Homelander account, the superherothat he has finally found time to answer fan questions. He emphasizes that there are no filters, no media and no script, and that he himself answers honestly.


The fans of the series didn’t need to be told twice and of course only asked important questions. One of the questions with the most upvotes came from justanotheruser1010, who asked when there would be an OnlyFans account for Homelander. He answered confidently:

I don’t want to be responsible for breaking the entire internet, but if it ever happens, it’ll be on SupePorn Platinum (use discount code HOMELANDER for 15% off your first month).

Homelander directly cuts off series-relevant questions, such as about Ryan’s mother. He couldn’t tell us, but it was a Love story for eternity. The question about his favorite food should also be familiar to series fans. Homelander is not a big food fan, but at one point large, healthy glass of milk he never says no.


In addition to taunting Starlight, Homelander also indulges in self-love as usual. He talks about how great he is and what else we can see of him and how important superheroes are for the security of the country.

Marketing for The Boys has always been cutting edge, creating a kind of role play between the official accounts and the viewers on social media. When Vought posts that Homelander is innocent, there are countless accounts that respond in the same way that many people do on the show.


In addition, there are also music videos, websites with superhero sex toys and the current AMA. This ensures that the series remains present beyond the individual episodes. This also provides content between seasons. What do you think of it? Do you find it amusing or are you not interested in such things outside of the series? Write it to us in the comments. If you are looking for more series like this, you can find a list here: 5 superhero series that are not for children

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